Kenderax was one of the first children of Invernix and Sartoria. As a grandson of Typhon and Echidna, Kenderax was blessed with fire breath, impervious scale armor, and a prodigious arrogance.

Kenderax wished to conquer and reign over the people of Cimmeria. The dragon monarchs waited for Sadroston‘s death, but Kenderax was not so patient. He sowed his teeth to form an army of kobolds and then used his soldiers to conquer a kingdom. Kenderax attacked the dwarven city of Fangaroot. King Karnafaust of the Dwarves was incinerated by Kenderax and the dwarven people fled the city. The red dragon remained to rule over his kobold subjects and whatever slaves were brought before him.

Kenderax was content with this life for more than a century. He assisted his parents in conquering Cimmeria, specifically the Northern Terror Mountains where Invernix and Sartoria set up their realm. After the initial conquest of Cimmeria, Kenderax was able to relax and oppress his subjects in peace for many years.

Kenderax’s simple life of evil was interrupted by Shaelin for the dwarf lord had sworn an oath to avenge his brethren who perished during Kenderax’s invasion of Fangaroot. After being released from his oath of peace by King Cogard, Shaelin organized an army to retake Fangaroot. The dwarves invaded with their allies. Shaelin led a strikeforce straight to Kenderax. The dwarven paladin and the red dragon killed each other in the combat. Kenderax’s kobolds proved victorious in the broader conflict and repelled Shaelin’s army. Kenderax lay dead, but Fangaroot remained in draconic claws.

Kenderax left a legacy of death and destruction. His execution was one of the instigating events of the Dragon War. Fangaroot remained infested with kobolds for several more centuries. Eventually Balin and Terry rooted the kobolds out to reclaim the city under its new name, Balin’s Holt.