Jasaetuparth and Trigonora

Trigonora on the left and Jasaetuparth on the right.

Jasaetuparth and Trigonora were two queens of Sadroston‘s line in Western Cimmeria. Jasaetuparth ruled in Jeutontic while Trigonora ruled in Nox. They formed an alliance against the Nox Senate as it gained power after the Dragon War. They lost the war and Trigonora fled to Jeutontic. This set off a centuries long conflict as Jeutontic vied with Nox for control of Western Cimmeria.

Jasaetuparth’s father was Condrofalspeth. He had led Jeutontic’s resettlement and war with the Dark Elves. He perished in Croshan‘s assault on the city and as his firstborn, Jasaetuparth took up the reins of power. While not as remarkable a leader as Condrofalspeth, Jasaetuparth led her people well and enriched her country through commerce.

Trigonora’s father was King Kaeltotath of Nox. He came to power during the Dragon War. Kaeltotath had little support for any policies he wished to enact. The common people didn’t trust him and the noble senate class of Nox knew they could push him around. He had no skill to negotiate this political landscape and thus was unable to adequately train Trigonora to assume the throne upon his death. When Trigonora ascended she found she had little real power in the developing republic of Nox.

Queen Trigonora feared that the Nox Senate would abolish the monarchy entirely. She sent a request for help to her cousin Queen Jasaetuparth of Jeutontic. Queen Jasaetuparth brought her armies to Nox. The Nox Senate initially attempted to resist, but then fled the city. Queen Jasaetuparth and Queen Trigonora prematurely celebrated their victory.

The Nox Senate organized their supporters in the towns and villages surrounding Nox. A civil war played out between the Royals and the Senatorials. A junior Senator named Xorius rose up to lead the Senatorials in the Nox Civil War. With Xorius at the head the Senatorials defeated the Royals and reclaimed Nox for the Senate. Precedent still required a king for the government to function. Xorius accepted the crown from the Senate, starting a new dynasty in Nox. Trigonora and Queen Jasaetuparth retreated to Jeutontic.

The pair of queens continued to live in Jeutontic. Queen Jasaetuparth ruled while her cousin was her closest advisor. The war taught them both a great deal about effective leadership which they passed on to their descendants. One day they hoped that Sadrostonid rule could be reintroduced over Nox.