Luwia was the daughter of Björn Ballath of Dalleer and she was the Queen of Bradel Fields. She founded the city of Bradel Fields after she was passed over for succession in Dalleer. Her rule was characterized by conflict with Dalleer and an eventual fall from grace after military defeat. Luwia was the first monarch of Bradel Fields and the last.

Luwia was the eldest child of Björn Ballath of Dalleer. She was raised to succeed her father to the lordship of the city, but when the time came Ballath named another man to take the throne. Instead of his daughter who had prepared for the position her entire life, Ballath chose Skizofren, a young friend and advisor of his. Luwia accepted that she might be a power behind the throne for a time, especially due to Skizofren’s alcoholism impeding his ability to rule. He started drafting insanely foolish laws while drunk and he was always drunk. Luwia attempted to correct Skizofren’s decisions, but the Björn seemed unnaturally skilled at political maneuvering.

Luwia’s disagreements with Skizofren led to her departing Dalleer. He insulted her and the rest of Ballath’s family. Frustrated with him, Luwia left Dalleer along with her family and many hundreds of Dalleer citizens who longed for the stable rule of Ballath. Luwia led these people downriver to found Bradel Fields near the mouth of the Black River. She became Queen of Bradel Fields with her brothers and sisters as fellow nobles. Wanderers from across Cimmeria began to flock to the new settlement. Over the years more citizens of Dalleer who feared Björn Skizofren’s irrational behavior also came to Bradel Fields.

Luwia worked hard to build and strengthen her new community. Orc attacks became frequent for the farming villages surrounding Bradel Fields. Queen Luwia formed an order of mounted knights to quickly respond to any attacks. These knights repelled the orc attacks and made Bradel Fields safe once more. To assist commerce and travel within the kingdom, Luwia initiated a number of public works projects. Roads and aqueducts were built. A grand arena was constructed in town along with a number of temples and parks. Her kingdom matured and prospered.

Queen Luwia gathered her people together to reclaim her birthright, the lordship of Dalleer. The army marched against Björn Skizofren. Skizofren brought his people within the walls of Dalleer. Queen Luwia’s army raided and burned the countryside and left at the end of the campaign season. This routine repeated for a few years until Skizofren negotiated a tribute paid to Bradel Fields over the next fifty years.

Björn Skizofren barely honored the peace treaty with Queen Luwia. Almost immediately he hired orc mercenaries to raid Bradel Fields territory. Luwia responded with another invasion, but this time Skizofren was ready. His troops ambushed Luwia and defeated her. Luwia was forced to surrender and returned home in disgrace.

Queen Luwia’s defeat destroyed the people’s confidence in her. Her extended family intervened and organized a peaceful transition of power. Queen Luwia would abdicate and a council of five would rule instead. The council would be made up of one member from each of the families of the five children of Ballath. Queen Luwia agreed. She ceded the crown to her relatives and retired. A few years later Queen Luwia died in her sleep.