Willard the Dragon Rider was the son of King Gollard and Queen Chatkal of Yuettencal. During his childhood he formed a close friendship with the family’s silver dragon, Kinderax. Willard learned to ride Kinderax and the pair proved to be a terror on the battlefield. The combined force allowed Willard to conquer Satronwook, Lordodo, and Tetalya and unite Aractrash into a single kingdom. Unfortunately, his partnership with Kinderax proved insufficient in the First Alliance War with Xoria. The duo was defeated, captured, and ransomed back to Aractrash in shame. Willard’s defeat led to the non-interventionist policies of his son and successor, Ballard.

Willard was born a prince to King Willard and Queen Chatkal of Yuettencal. As Willard grew he formed a close friendship with the family’s silver dragon, Kinderax. The boy and the dragon often walked together through the city. Willard learned to fly on Kinderax’s back. The pair patrolled the Aractrash River, rendering aid as needed to the trade outposts established by King Gollard.

When King Gollard died of old age and Prince Willard the Dragon Rider ascended to the throne. King Willard declared that he was tired of the other cities of Aractrash benefitting from Yuettencal’s defense of the trade route without paying their fair share. He demanded that Lordodo, Satronwook, and Tetalya pay tribute to the greater city. The other cities prepared for war.

King Willard achieved victory in the Aractrash Civil War by luring the other cities into a large set-piece battle. There he unleashed Kinderax and laid waste to the armies of Lordodo, Satronwook, and Yuettencal. The leaders of the other cities quickly submitted to King Willard. He declared himself King of Aractrash. Willard promised peace in his new kingdom. He arranged an alliance with the Druidic Healing Guild of Lordodo and Tetalya by marrying their leader, Vanasta. The marriage solidified his control over the Aractrashan city-states. Soon afterward Vanasta gave birth to Willard’s heir, Ballard.

King Willard improved the new kingdom’s infrastructure and handled many domestic problems. During this peaceful time Willard trained Prince Ballard to ride Kinderax. The boy became a mirror image of his father in mind, body, and skills.

King Willard’s greatest challenge of his reign was the First Alliance War. Princess Tarigananata enlisted his aid in pushing her claim on the throne of expansionist Xoria. The initial stages of the invasion went well, but the Alliance started to fall apart after the betrayal of Amalgami. Aractrash’s fleet was burned by Tempest, but Makotako was taken and the Alliance marched on Petar. The Amazons arrived on the field and defeated the Alliance troops. King Willard was ransomed back to Aractrash in shame.

The loss in the First Alliance War shaped Ballard’s foreign policy when he became King. When Willard passed Ballard ascended the throne. Ballard became a non-interventionist and kept Aractrash out of the Second Alliance during his reign.