Wu Lang Li

Wu Lang Li was a noble of Xoria and a friend of King Jevaninada II. When Jevaninada became a dragovinian, Wu was the first one he turned. Wu became Jevaninada’s harbinger, turning many other prominent nobles into dragovinians and assassinating those who refused the honor. Wu led the Enforcers that rooted out dissidents and rebels within the Xorian Empire. The Rebellion captured Wu and turned him back into a human with the help of Apollo. Wu lost his memories of his previous life and served the Rebellion faithfully for a few months. Unfortunately, he was recaptured by the Xorians during a raid on Gazeara. Jevaninada turned Wu into a dragovinian once more. Wu fought as an Enforcer against the Rebellion and Second Alliance, but he ultimately perished while fighting Barakah.

Wu was born the son of a minor noble of Makotako. He was one of a set of hostages sent to the royal court during the reign of Queen Regent Anajakaze. Wu grew up alongside Jevaninada II and they became good friends. Their strong friendship lasted into adulthood and Wu had hopes that he would join Jevaninada’s administration once his friend took the throne. Queen Anajakaze ruined those plans by preventing Jevaninada’s ascension.

Like many others, Wu’s fortunes took a hard turn with the rise of Blendegad. Jevaninada II became a dragovinian and soon bestowed the draconic/vampiric gift on his best friend, Wu. Jevaninada claimed the Xorian crown and gave a royal command to his companion. Wu and Jevaninada went across Xoria offering the power of dragovinian status to the current lords. Those who accepted were turned and enthralled by Jevaninada. Those who refused were killed and replaced with someone who would accept the generous gift of the king. Wu had another revelation when he made this offer to Lady Shunawo of Colchis. He became enchanted by her beauty and personality after she became a dragovinian. Wu spent a few months with her before they married making Wu the Lord Consort of Colchis.

Wu’s position in the court and his skill at archery earned him the leadership of the Enforcers. He sent dragovinians all over Xoria tracking down Rebels to torture and kill. His greatest challenge was the Rebel base in Bigby’s Forest. He entered the woods with Gregor, Stanton, and Sivirdm. Rather than exposing the Rebellion, they were captured. Apollo performed a miracle and they were returned to their mortal states, but without any memories of their previous lives. Wu was no longer a high ranking official in Xoria. Instead, he was drafted into special service with the Rebellion army.

Wu worked for the Rebellion for a few months. Along with the other reformed dragovinians he collected the missing pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy that could restore health to a poisoned god. Wu was won over by the noble cause of the Rebellion. He wanted to help in a more overt way and joined the Rebel army in an assault on Gazeara. Unfortunately, Wu was captured during the attack. During his captivity, Wu was recognized. He was delivered to King Jevaninada II and turned into a dragovinian once more. His memories and his cruel disposition came back to him and Wu repledged himself to Blendegad and Xoria.

Wu returned to his life as a dragovinian lord and Enforcer. He hunted down Rebels and began participating in strikes against key members of the Second Alliance. Unfortunately, his end came soon after turning to a dragovinian once more. During the Battle of Nox he was ripped apart and eaten by Barakah.