While all the PC entries are based off what the players have told me, I’m usually the one who does the actual writing down of events. This entry deserves extra credit for Throgg. He wrote at least half of what you see here for Gregor’s backstory.


Gregor is one of the four dragovinian Enforcers restored to his mortal form by Apollo. He traveled with Sivirdm, Stanton, Wu, and Sergeant Korjak to recover the four missing pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy for the Rebellion. During this journey Gregor proved to be a ferocious combatant, but often attempted to solve problems with diplomacy rather than violence. After recovering the Prophecy pieces Gregor and his companions parted ways with the Rebellion. They traveled into the east to reunite the orc tribes. Gregor reclaimed his position as Chief of the Thunderhawk tribe and he is now securing his position within the Orc Lands.

Gregorius “Gregor” Thunderhawk was born to the concubine of Chief Mohgrund of the Thunderhawk Clan of the eastern Terror Mountains. Gregor was a formidable warrior by the time he was initiated into adulthood by the tribe. When he faced his rite of manhood he set out into the snow of the mountains naked and returns a month later clad in the skin of a great white bear. His prowess earns him a place amongst the elite warriors of the clan. A few years after passing the rite, Gregor married his childhood sweetheart, Brodie.

Gregor frequently argued with his father due to Mohgrund’s abusive nature. Finally, in a drunken rage, Gregor challenged Chief Mohgrund to single combat and killed him. Gregor became chief of the Thunderhawk Clan. Gregor was no dumb brute like his father though. His shaman-like wisdom matched his titanic strength.

Gregor led the Thunderhawk tribe to a position of prominence within the Orc Lands. He made war and secured marriage alliances to unify most of the northern half of the Orc Lands. The Noon Shadow tribe was brought in by Gregor’s marriage to Leath. His peace and subjugation of the Nightsouls was arranged through taking Callay as a concubine. The same was true for Laura of the Marsh Snakes. Gregor conquered the Frost Eyes, Grass, and Lone Tree tribes through might and skill of arms.

Chief Gregor was poised to unify the Orc Lands. Unfortunately, his dream was taken from him. While on a hunting trip with his half-brother, Alexander, they were attacked by Amalganus of the Second Alliance. Amalganus captured Gregor to prevent the unification of a hostile power that might ally with the Xorians in the coming war. Gregor was sold into slavery and shipped to a gladiatorial arena in Cecilia.

Yedeyuta Rofano purchased the depressed Gregor and put him to work. She was frustrated by Gregor’s antagonistic behavior and penchant for killing other gladiators in practice. Despite this Yedeyuta remained patient and it paid off. Gregor’s ferocity and success in Cecilia’s arena enthralled the crowds. Gregor becomes infamous for his brutality and savagery and earns the moniker the Beast of Cecilia. Yedeyuta sold Gregor to the Petaran lord Tomogoh Utene in exchange for political favor and at tremendous profit.

Tomogoh brokered an uneasy peace for Gregor’s cooperation in exchange for an unending flow of wine. Gregor slowly killed his way through the ranks of gladiators in Petar. The competition in the military city was fierce and disciplined, yet Gregor’s rage pulled through. He became known as the Man-Slayer and a crowd favorite for his reckless fury.

At the annual games in Nox celebrating the summer solstice, Gregor killed the Champion of Nox, the stone giant Melcleadeas the Mighty, in single combat. He assumed both the mantle and the moniker. The fall of Melcleadeas shocked Xoria. Melcleadeas had served as champion for over a decade as a patriotic, honorable, and obedient champion, having refused freedom many times. The Xorian nobility found an unruly orc champion to be distasteful despite his popularity with the crowds. They pitted Gregor against terrible monsters from across the world in an attempt to depose him, but Gregor prevailed.

At the celebration of tenth year of King Jevinanda’s coming of age, games were held in Nox. Gregor slew a Persian sirrush to win the day, as no man would face him. King Jevininada II announced that Gregor had won his freedom to the tremendous cheers of the crowd. Later, beneath the arena the king came to Gregor and bit him, transforming him into a dragovinian. Gregor took a new name for himself, Mayhem, after the legendary barbarian that served Jevaninada the First. The dragovinian transformation amplified Gregor’s fury and savagery. He fought against the Alliance and the Rebellion for years as a shock-trooper and instrument of terror.

Gregor was sent into Bigby’s Forest along with three other top-level dragovinian Enfrocers, Sivirdm, Stanton, and Wu, to root out the base of the Rebellion. In the forest Princess Tarigananata, Major Dactirian, and Alkmene Halkias ambushed the dragovinians. The four Enforcers were captured due to the divine intervention of Apollo. He restored them to their mortal forms and stripped away their memories. Their natural tendencies remained, pulling most of them to immorality and vice.

Gregor traveled with Sivirdm, Stanton, Wu, and their military commander, Korjak, to retrieve the lost pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. They successfully found the four missing pieces and returned them to the Rebellion leaders. Along the way, Gregor met an orkish necromancer named Ratigon. He recognized Gregor and vowed to be a harbinger, heralded his return to the Orc Lands in the east.

With his quest to find the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy completed, Gregor headed into the east with Korjak. They plan to reunite the orc people and make Cimmeria tremble for the injustices they have heaped upon those considered to be inferior.

Gregor is level-headed, loyal, and amiable. He works hard and seems to be constantly training, studying, and planning. He exudes an aura of calm confidence, safety, and reliability about him. He can be intense in personal conversations as he deeply focuses on the people he speaks to. While he leads from the front, he tends to solicit advise and speak last.

Although he does not speak about it, his time as a Dragovinian and a gladiator haunt him. He was particularly savage and brutal and had a penchant for eating children in front of their parents. The experience was like being trapped in your head and watching yourself act and being unable to act yourself. And so he sleeps very little and only restlessly (he is plagued by nightmares). He often takes the first watch, stays up during most the second, and is often up for the dawn watch practice his swordplay. He is deeply afraid of losing control of himself and as such, no longer rages nor drinks.

Gregor’s goal is unite the orc tribe, create an orc state, and bring about a cultural revolution and orc enlightenment. He believes that the orcs have devolved into barbarism due to the persistent persecution they have faced since the Dragon War and blames the other mortal races for orkin suffering, hardship, and infighting. He hopes that his fledgling state will be able to leverage the Alliance to demand recognition.