Stevie the Wonder Wagon was a unique magical creation made by Salzar and Atreides. They used funds gathered for the First Alliance War to sculpt, animate, and bestow intelligence on an iron wagon with a human face and two human arms on either side. Stevie came to life, but sadly his intellect was lacking. Fortunately, his loyalty to the cause of good and freedom was strong, making him a valuable asset during the First Alliance War. He shuttled supplies rapidly across great distances and was capable of defending himself by wielding four swords at the same time with his arms.

Stevie was taken in by the Elves of Bigby’s Forest after the First Alliance lost the war. The elves attempted to teach Stevie how to go slow and enjoy life in the forest, but he proved unable. As Stevie’s experience grew he found himself drawn to his natural talent, speed. He trained to become even faster while with the elves. While his top speed was limited within the forest, he could outpace a flying dragon on an open plain.

When the Rebellion came to Bigby’s Forest Stevie joined and fought alongside the Rebels for the cause of freedom. He continued to transport supplies from across Xoria to feed and arm the Rebels in Bigby’s Forest. Stevie assisted everywhere he could. Most notably he helped the revived dragovinians when they were sent out to reclaim the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. After the Second Alliance War ended Stevie joined Tarigananata‘s retinue in Nox.