Elerie was a sergeant in the Rebellion military put in charge of the reformed dragovinians, Gregor, Sivirdm, Stanton, and Wu Lang Li. She was of elvish descent and had training in combat prior to joining the Rebellion. Unfortunately, keeping watch over the former dragovinians proved too much. When the opportunity presented itself, they killed her to escape her control.

Elerie guided the former dragovinians from the beginning. She took them to their first meeting with Major Dactirian. At that meeting Dactirian gave her the activation amulet for the former dragovinians’ shock collars. Elerie trained her charges for fighting with the Rebellion before they went on their first mission to speak with the wolves north of Bigby’s Forest. The wolves were hostile and the group barely escaped with their lives due to the assistance of Stevie the Wonder Wagon.

Elerie continued to oversee the former dragovinians during a series of adventures to secure food for the Rebel army. During one of these escapades she was knocked unconscious and Stanton threw away the activation amulet for their shock collars. Elerie came around again, but when she began to attack to reclaim the amulet, Gregor knocked her out once more. The former dragovinians completed the mission to steal supplies from the Xorians, but not without enchanting one of the Xorian soldiers to execute Elerie while she was unconscious.

The murder of Elerie convinced Major Dactirian that a proper ethical code could not be imposed on the former dragovinians. While their memories were gone, they retained the same evil personalities that had led the to become dragovinians in the first place. With little to offer them in the way of positive reinforcement, Dactirian forced them to reclaim the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy before setting them free.