Titandra was a blind seer and the representative of Restnor’s Point on the Alliance War Council. Titandra acted as a moral center for the Council, guiding the different members away from evil and impious means to achieve their ends. She also had the gift of prophecy and received visions during the war that led the Alliance to victory. Her blind nature was little impediment due to her heightened sixth senses, but she was often close to Kig Yupington who served as her eyes and hands when necessary.

Titandra was slain by the necromantic bomb that King Jevaninada II unleashed on Bradel Fields, but she was later resurrected. Titandra’s will to defeat the dragovinians sustained her through the Second Alliance War. When the war concluded her health rapidly deteriorated. She passed away soon afterwards. The leadership of Restnor’s Point passed to Kig Yupington due to his wise and heroic action during the Second Alliance War.