Amalchus Halkias


Amalchus is the son of the founder of the Second Alliance, Amalganus Halkias, and the grandson of Amalgami the Betrayer as well. His father’s accomplishments gave Amalchus a position of power and respect in Jipangu. He used this clout to become a successful horse merchant; however, when his grandfather’s name became public, Amalchus was exiled from Jipangu. He has survived living off his business experience and the generosity of his older brother, Amalius.

Amalchus was born and raised in Jipangu as the second son of Amalganus Halkias. His father left to hunt down Amalgami when Amalchus was only seven years old. The abandonment hurt Amalchus and he turned to his older brother, Amalius, for support, only for him to leave a few months later with the Halkias guard captain. Amalchus was truly devastated. His mother, Hiroka, told him to remain strong for her as the “man of the family.” Amalchus did as she said, believing he was helping her until his father and brother returned. In fact, Hiroka, being an adult woman and accustomed to a position of power behind her husband, was the one responsible for the Halkias house. The lie helped Amalchus cope with his absent father as he grew up. He had to remain strong for mother! And his father and brother would be so proud of him when they returned!

Amalchus grew into a competent and respected adult due to his mother’s guiding hand. He married Helia, a member of a honorable family in Jipangu, and they have a two year old son named Hiero. Amalchus took over the horse trading and breeding business his mother had setup for him during his childhood. As the son of the Second Alliance, everything looked good for Amalchus until Amalius returned from Europe almost fifteen years after he’d left.

Amalius returned from the west and joined the Alliance without even returning to Jipangu to see his family. After a month of waiting Amalchus sent his brother a letter. Amalius came to Jipangu soon after that to see his now adult brother for the first time in over a decade. The happy reunion was soon spoiled by the reveal that the biological grandfather of Amalius and Amalchus was Amalgami the Betrayer. Amalchus vowed to cleanse their family’s lineage with his own sword if necessary.

When the Alliance discovered the truth, the Council deliberated. The decision spelled disaster for the Halkias family. They were exiled from Jipangu. Left with only a few horses to his name, Amalchus traded them for an inn just west of his home city. He renamed the inn, the Rising Sun, and operated it with his other family members. The inn provided room and board for the Alliance army and the many people who support it.

Amalius brought his wife and children to live at the Rising Sun, but more tragedy would soon follow. Amalius’s actions in the Second Alliance War put him in a position where he feared his family would be threatened. Amalius removed Amalchus and everyone else from the Rising Sun. The Halkias clan resettled in Lakatia, helping to rebuild the burned town during the day and sleeping in a magical mansion created by Hektor every night.