Arendil was a wise, old man who led the Second Alliance during the Second Alliance War. He was the head of the First Family of Jipangu as well. During the war, Arendil pursued conservative strategies that risked as little life as possible. This philosophy extended to his morals as well when Arendil led the effort to remove Amalius from the Alliance War Council due to the psion’s familial relationship with Amalgami the Betrayer. The animosity between the two continued for the remainder of Arendil’s life. The old man turned in his grave when Amalius succeeded him as leader of the Second Alliance and as head of the new First Family of Jipangu.

In his youth Arendil was a member of the prominent Sizuki family of Jipangu. He was born the fourth son with little expectation that he would succeed his father as the family head. Without responsibilities, Arendil was able to enjoy an aristocratic lifestyle. He studied magic and dueling to became quite proficient at both. He sat in on trade deals with his family to learn the art of negotiation as well.

Tragedy struck Arendil’s family over and over again in his adulthood. All three of his brothers passed before their prime followed by his father. Arendil had thought he had no chance of being the family head, but it was thrust upon him. He dove into the responsibility. Arendil’s life turned into an endless stream of backroom deals, forecourt duels, and obeisance to the gods. He ruthlessly improved the Suzuki family’s position until they sat at the top as the First Family of Jipangu.

When Amalganus formed the Second Alliance Arendil saw an opportunity in linking the visionary youth to his family. He arranged a marriage between his grandson, Yukaro, and Amalganus’s daughter, Amelia. Arendil cultivated an appearance as the paternal mentor for Amalganus although in reality the young man needed no assistance from Arendil. Arendil used this exaggerated relationship to replace Amalganus as the leader of the Second Alliance when the latter disappeared.

Arendil led the Second Alliance well for many years prior to the Second Alliance War. He extended the allied cities to include many communities across Eastern Cimmeria. When the war began, Arendil continued to be a guiding hand, but often yielded to those with more military experience such as Astyanax and Gradorian. He advocated conservative strategies when appropriate, but was willing to listen to others as well.

Amalius, son of Amalganus, returned to Eastern Cimmeria which would initiate a conflict with Arendil. At first Arendil was happy to have the son of the Second Alliance’s founder present. That feeling left Arendil when it was revealed that Amalius’s grandfather was Amalgami the Betrayer. Arendil led an effort on the Alliance War Council to expel Amalius and his friend, Tagenadi, from the Alliance. This proved successful. In addition, Arendil demanded that Yukaro divorce Amalia. Amalius’s extended family was left practically destitute due to Arendil’s actions.

Amalius had his revenge on Arendil. He antagonized the old man for the rest of the Second Alliance War. When Amalius revived the dead of Bradel Fields he was welcomed back into the Alliance. He used this as an opportunity to magically dominate Arendil. The once great leader of Jipangu was forced to do whatever Amalius commanded until he expired from old age a year later. Amalius replaced Arendil as head of the Second Alliance, the Halkias family replaced the Suzuki as the First Family of Jipangu, and Amalius became the leader of Jipangu as well. The psion quietly destroyed Arendil’s legacy as revenge for ostracizing him and his family.