Logan is the surviving Guildmaster of the Phoenix Adventurers Guild, a respected member in the Second Alliance and the Rebellion, as well as the only wielder of hellfire magic. His hellfire magic allows Logan to supercharge his offensive magic at the expense of his own lifeforce.

Logan’s parents were Rebels in Gazeara. He grew up with the Rebellion being the only thing he knew. Logan wanted to please his parents by devoting his whole life to the Rebellion. He began to study magic to discover weapons and techniques useful to the war effort. He extensively studied the Great Fire near the Gazeara Palace. An eternal flame with heat such as the Great Fire was a theoretical impossibility. He studied the Fire itself and read all the writings he could find on it. When his research was complete, Logan went to the Fire at midday and performed a secret ritual. He was gifted amazing power, but at an unknown cost.

Wishing to know more about what his newfound arcane powers could do, Logan left Gazeara and joined the Adventurers Guild in Phoenix. He excelled at the missions given to him and rose quickly through the Guild ranks. He soon took a master’s position within the Guild. He worked with the Guild and the Alliance Council to defend Phoenix as best he could. After the fall of Phoenix, Logan went to Jipangu to train the recruits there who already possessed innate magical skills.

When Logan learned that the Rebellion retook Gazeara he rushed to defend his hometown. On arrival he was devastated to discover that his family had perished in their struggle to reclaim their homeland from the Xorians. That night Logan vowed to use his fiery power to extinguish the Xorian Empire. He has spent time working with the Great Fire under the sun to come up with a new type of magic to use against the Amazon army that besieges Gazeara.