This one is a PC created by one of my players, Ave. While Ave designed Preta mechanically and ran him during the events of the campaign, I was the one who came up with his backstory as an exiled Persian Prince.


Preta is a Persian Prince, the Arch-Wizard of Aractrash, and a circle magic master. He is the son of Xerxes II and the true-born heir to the throne of Persia. He was a member of the Second Alliance involved in many of the Council’s most discussions and missions. Preta used lethal force during on a riot in Bradel Fields and was arrested. He fled the Alliance and took Hektor‘s spot as the Arch-Wizard of Aractrash.

Preta was born during the rule of his grandfather Artaxerxes I the King of Persia. Preta’s father, Xerxes II was the true-born first son of Artaxerxes I by his wife Damaspia. During his formative years, Preta was taught the arcane secrets of Ahura Mazda. He learned how to combine the magic of other subordinates into powerful spells that would normally be beyond his ability. He rapidly outpaced his teacher, Shez, and his mastery of circle magic earned him recognition in Persia and the surrounding lands.

Unfortunately for Preta, his father could not keep up with the constant court intrigues of Persia. When Artaxerxes I died, Xerxes II took the throne, but kept it only for a short time. His bastard brothers arranged for Xerxes II’s murder and rebelled against him. Within two months, Preta’s father was dead. A civil war briefly consumed the Empire until Darius II emerged as King.

Shez stole Preta away from Persepolis to the magical lands of Cimmeria. He raised Preta himself in exile, continuing to teach him more of the intricacies of circle magic. Shez loved his master. He hoped that Preta would use the circle magic to take his homeland back. If his master succeeded, then Shez’s loyalty would be rewarded, perhaps with an apartment adjoining King Preta’s so he could always be by his side.

Preta’s magical powers grew, but his list of friends who would help him fight against his uncle did not. King Darius II ruled for two decades and then his son, Artaxerxes II, ascended the throne. Preta became desperate, traveling from court to court asking for help.

Eventually Preta found a home in the Second Alliance. His magical powers earned him a place on the Council and a promise that they would assist him in reclaiming his throne as soon as the war with Xoria was done. Preta assisted the Second Alliance in acquiring the components required for the construction of the teleportation ring gates and advised them on other matters concerning the arcane. Preta and Shez both died and were reincarnated by druid magic during their time with the Alliance. Preta returned to life as an orc while Shez came back as a half-elf. Both magicians use glamers to appear as their old human selves.

Preta was placed in charge of organizing the wedding celebration of Astyanax‘s daughter, Cassandra, and the Björn, a marriage alliance that would secure Dalleer‘s entry into the Second Alliance. Tensions flared as valuable supplies were redirected to the wedding instead of being distributed amongst the common people. A riot started and Preta dispersed the rioters with lethal fire magic. He was placed under arrest with Shez. The pair fled their prison and ran to Aractrash which was at that time, not a member of the Alliance.

Luckily, the previous Arch-Wizard of Aractrash, Hektor, had just left due to a disagreement with King Ballard. Hektor wished to join the Second Alliance while Ballard wished to stay out of it. What better way to show his disapproval than to hire a high-ranking Alliance exile as his next Arch-Wizard? Preta got the job.

Preta continued to serve as Arch-Wizard during the assassination attempts on King Ballard’s life. He cooperated with Hektor and the other Alliance exiles who tried and failed to protect King Ballard. With Ballard’s death, Hektor was welcomed back at court by King Staynard, Ballard’s son. Staynard allowed Hektor to choose his position and the accomplished wizard chose to remain in the field. Preta’s position as Arch-Wizard is now precarious. He could easily be replaced by Hektor so now he must work twice as hard to prove his worth to King Staynard.