Gurutama Timeline Revising Part 9

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There’s a lull in this period while the world builds up to the war between the dwarves and the Najar. Nothing spectacular.

229 NA: The elves constructed a fleet at Shianosoth. After only a few decades of practicing enchantment and protection magic, the elves perfected the art. Perhaps this was due to their long lifespans. The first elves that came into being so long ago were still alive and young.

241 NA: Decadence continued to sit well with the Najar. They traded with the islands in the Maw for exotic goods filtering up from the elven forests in the south. With a growing population, the Najaran Empire ebbed outward, adding the city of Cynelle on the point of the continent, at the southwestern end of the Red Peaks.

245 NA: In the east the Najar built the city of Hykma at the tip of the Mandibles.

250 NA: The grez have always had the most advanced civilization in ice magic. The grez froze the Cold Woods creating an icy path up to Najar. The wraiths built a new city in the center of the frosty forest, Ksilartlu. They then assembled an army in Ksilartlu.

268 NA: With the grez slowly advancing towards Najar territory, the slow cogs of the great Najaran war machine began to grind into motion. The Najar domesticated horses in the eastern plains and become well educated in the art of cavalry. The Najar archer contingents practiced for years in the vast forests, perfecting their skills.

279 NA: The merfolk built an army in Drolfo’s Cove and Drolfo commanded them to build a trading fleet. To protect their fleets from Bwarlor pirate attacks the merfolk learned the art of naval warfare.

283 NA: The merfolk built a city off Kidney Island by the name of New Tortuga.

-Mister Ed

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