Characters of Cimmeria: Cristonton and Cotinasath

The reigns of King Cristonton and King Cotinasath signaled a change in how Nox and Jeutontic saw themselves. Both cities moved forward from being individual city-states to true kingdoms with more than a single urban center. The two kings also set up a new dynamic for the two kingdoms as they became natural rivals for control of Western Cimmeria.

King Cristonton of Nox succeeded his father, King Forigata. At Forigata’s death only three Senators remained in office due to his refusal to appoint new Senators. King Cristonton continued his father’s policy towards the Senate. A few years later the last Senator died. All legal power in Nox laid with King Cristonton.

King Cristonton ensured that he had the support of the people of Nox before enacting his agenda. He declared war against King Cotinasath of Jeutontic, the grandson of Queen Jasaetuparth. The line of Xorius and the line of Sadroston were once more at war. Nox’s army made good headway in the field, but they were unable to approach Jeutontic without constant harassment by the aerial cavalry of the southern city. To deal with this issue King Cristonton trained archers and ballista crews to declutter the skies. Unfortunately, the Nox army could not be everywhere at once. The Jeutontic raiders took advantage and Nox’s economy suffered.

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Characters of Cimmeria: Xorius and Forigata


Xorius was a young Senator of Nox during the Nox Civil War. He was born to a rich family and when his father passed away Xorius took his place in the Senate. He led the Senatorial side to victory over the Royals and expelled Queen Trigonora from the kingdom. Rather than transition to a full republic, the Senate voted to continue the constitutional monarchy with Xorius as King. He assumed the role and started a new dynasty in Nox.

King Xorius ruled well for thirty years. He established equitable taxes on the people and the nobles and put Nox in an excellent economic position as Cimmeria emerged out of the shadow of draconic occupation. Xorius had little interest in romance and love. He died during the githyanki invasion with no children to succeed him. The crown passed to Xorius’s much younger brother, Forigata. King Forigata claimed Xorius as his family name, effectively starting their line with his brother.

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