Condensed Timeline

Timeline of Significant Events

Calendar Year Events
4121 BE The merfolk came into existence with Drolfo as their patron deity.
3837 BE Izquitl created the avian race.
3734 BE The humans appeared in the Upper Maw.
3654 BE The dwarves came out of the earth with the Books as a guide.
3039 BE Trebor Ydorg, the avian prophet, was born.
2864 BE Selcatnet came up out of the depths to protect the merfolk people.
2276 BE The Great Canal is completed, connecting the Maw to the Neck.
2046 BE Drolfo created the Landwalkers.
1317 BE Trebor died in a lightning storm.
1296 BE Eastern Hrududu was turned into a marsh.
632 BE Final major offensive against Tortuga by avians for many years.
1 NA World-birth of the Soul Drinker, Navillus.
12 NA King Bwolark lost the war against Najar and settled his people on the islands in the Maw.
30 NA The Najaran Pentad of Najar, Syluk, Alixria, Alrdia, and Farpoint was formed.
67 NA First confirmed report of the grez.
78 NA The elves walked out of the trees and into the world.
245 NA Founding of Hykma.
297 NA Beard-rape of dwarven ambassadors by the Bwarlor.
298 NA The Dwarven Curse of the Bwarlor began. Every first-born person is carried off in a mist and for the next four centuries every first-born child of a Bwarloran woman will be a dwarf.
299 NA Dwarven invasion of Najar began.
308 NA Invasion ended and the dwarves consolidated their holdings.
346 NA The Bwarloran Dwarf group, Bastards of the Tattered Book, was formed.
352 NA The rana came out of Tonsil Lake.
429 NA The rana formed the humanitarian organization, The Monks of Gossamer Waves.
442 NA The rape of the elven city of Shianosoth by the Bastards of the Book created the hobgoblin race.
453 NA The last of the dwarven holdings slipped away, leaving only Syluk and Farpoint under Dwarven control.
454 NA Syluk is cursed by the Brotherhood of Immolation.
475 NA The curse upon Syluk ended.
479 NA The Metal Dwarves officially separated themselves from Syluk.
541 NA The elves finished the Eastern Freedom Road.
563 NA Lord Cormak of Syluk led a disastrous attack on Najar.
564 NA The Hero was born.
603 NA The Hero journeyed into the Najar Volcano.
619 NA The grez conquered Najar.
630 NA The Najar Empire officially dissolved.
637 NA Construction on the Homestone Bridge finished.
679 NA The Hykman League was formed.
691 NA The Dwarven Curse on the Bwarlor ended.
700 NA Proaxium was built.
703 NA The elves joined the Hykman League.
711 NA The Great Blockade began.
713 NA Engrenildo left to circle the world.
716 NA The Western Freedom Road was completed.
726 NA King Hrotomak reformed the Dwarven Empire of the Upper Maw.
728 NA The hobgoblins were subdued and invited into the Hykman League
731 NA The Bastards sacked Proaxium. The merfolk assumed control of the island and the Blockade ended.
734 NA The Night of a Thousand Kings.
737 NA Hobgoblin civilization grew rapidly with the establishment of cities in the Mandibles. The True Arrow faction was formed.
738 NA The Hykman Civil War began. The hobgoblins declared their independence.
742 NA The Hykman Civil War ended.
746 NA Farpoint was conquered by the Hykman League.
748 NA The avians returned.
750 NA The Najar Volcano became active once again.
753 NA Engrenildo the Third landed on Hearthland’s western shore.
756 NA Crodolan was captured by the hobgoblins.
757 NA The grez attacked Bronze Port, driving the dwarves out.
758 NA The current year.

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