Characters of Cimmeria: Baradera and Sahamathrian


Baradera was a halfling living an uninteresting life in Satronwook until Dionysus and Pan showed up. The pair of party gods had started a parade tour of the Caspian at the Assyrian trade post of Baku and after many years had reached the end at Satronwook. Dionysus created the famous alcohol fountain of Satronwook. Pan initiated a drinking contest for the locals with a golden crown as a reward for the winner. Baradera won and Dionysus crowned her, turning her into a magically intelligent panda. He gave Panda Baradera the command of a pack of blink dogs to enforce her decree for a single year until the drinking contest was held again.

The Baradera of Satronwook crowned a new Panda, but Baradera was shocked to learn that she would not be transforming back into a halfling. Her true form would forever be that of a talking panda. The blink dogs served the new Panda, enforcing her decrees and those of all previous Pandas. The novelty of Satronwook’s leadership and alcohol fountain attracted many people to the village and it grew into a sizable trading town.

Baradera angrily retired to a life of leisure along with the other past Pandas of Satronwook. A large panda bear enclosure was built within the city to accommodate the needs of the ursine population.

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Characters of Cimmeria: Jasaetuparth and Trigonora

Trigonora on the left and Jasaetuparth on the right.

Jasaetuparth and Trigonora were two queens of Sadroston’s line in Western Cimmeria. Jasaetuparth ruled in Jeutontic while Trigonora ruled in Nox. They formed an alliance against the Nox Senate as it gained power after the Dragon War. They lost the war and Trigonora fled to Jeutontic. This set off a centuries long conflict as Jeutontic vied with Nox for control of Western Cimmeria.

Jasaetuparth’s father was Condrofalspeth. He had led Jeutontic’s resettlement and war with the Dark Elves. He perished in Croshan’s assault on the city and as his firstborn, Jasaetuparth took up the reins of power. While not as remarkable a leader as Condrofalspeth, Jasaetuparth led her people well and enriched her country through commerce.

Trigonora’s father was King Kaeltotath of Nox. He came to power during the Dragon War. Kaeltotath had little support for any policies he wished to enact. The common people didn’t trust him and the noble senate class of Nox knew they could push him around. He had no skill to negotiate this political landscape and thus was unable to adequately train Trigonora to assume the throne upon his death. When Trigonora ascended she found she had little real power in the developing republic of Nox.

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Characters of Cimmeria: Condrofalspeth

Condrofalspeth was a half-elf descendant of Sadroston. He resettled Jeutontic after its collapse during the draconic occupation of Cimmeria. The city’s resurgence caught the attention of King Croshan of the Dark Elves who began aggressively raiding Jeutontic and the nearby villages. Condrofalspeth organized a defense force for the city-state and a flight of mobile aerial cavalry using griffons, hippogriffs, and pegasi. The resistance to Croshan’s raids earned Condrofalspeth the ire of the Drow king. Croshan attacked Jeutontic itself and while he was unable to pillage the city, he did succeed in slaying its leader. Condrofalspeth’s heirs continued to protect the city after his death.

Condrofalspeth grew up with a small piece of Sadroston’s reputation. The renowned hero left many children and Condrofalspeth did not stand out from the crowd during his youth. Like the other descendants, he was given more respect than he’d earned, but it made little difference in his life. Condrofalspeth only became a man of true note when he organized the people of Western Cimmeria to resettle Jeutontic.

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Characters of Cimmeria: Proculus Julius

Proculus Julius receiving a divine visit from Romulus after the latter’s death.

Proculus Julius was the tribunus celerum of Rome at the time of Romulus’s death. He witnessed a divine visit from Romulus after the king’s death that confirmed Romulus’s ascension to godhood. Unfortunately, the Senate didn’t trust Proculus Julius to be loyal, so they forcibly retired him and the 300 Celeres that served under him. Proculus Julius and the Celeres abandoned Rome and journeyed westward. They continued west around the dark side of the world and eventually settled Mars’ Oasis.

Proculus Julius was the second tribunus celerum of Rome. He held command over Rome’s elite royal guard, the Celeres, who protected Romulus in battle and within the city. As the tribunus celerum Proculus Julius was Romulus’s most trusted man in all of Rome. Upon Romulus’s death, he appeared before Proculus Julius and told him that Rome was destined to be the greatest city on earth. This message calmed the people of Rome after the rough transition out of Romulus’s war-focused leadership.

The Roman Senate selected Numa Pompilius as Romulus’s successor. Numa enacted a series of reforms to make Rome a more pious and peaceful city. His first act was to discharge the Celeres and Proculus Julius out of a fear that they loved war as much as the previous king. The Celeres left Rome in anger, heading northward out of Italy.

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