Cimmerian Timeline Part 28

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1091BCE: Hephaestus presented Karnafaust with a gift, the Fierce Axe of Dwavish Lords. With the Axe came a promise, that the dwarves were Hephaestus’s favorite people, even beyond death. King Karnafaust adopted the Axe as a symbol of his right to rule.

1045BCE: With Karnafaust’s death the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords passed to Cogard. The Dwarven Regency Council held the Axe to Cogard came of age, just as they held his governmental powers.

996BCE: King Cogard turned 50 and came of age. He was coronated, but the Dwarven Regency Council did not relinquish governmental control to their designated sovereign. Cogard received the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords at his coronation.

899BCE: While the ten Heroes of the Dragon War were united in their efforts, the same could not be said for all the leaders of Cimmeria. The heroes asked for help from the mortal leaders of Cimmeria and most came to their aid. King Cogard of the Dwarves wished to remain out of the war, but Shaelin’s attack on Fangaroot made neutrality impossible. He and his four sons joined the fight against the dragons. The Elves of Valor and Hardtop fought for the mortal armies. Tracy brought Crafterton and Nomingburg into the fight. The human settlements of Nox and Phoenix joined the mortals as well.
Queen Shortrastor made the opposite decision. She provided the ground soldiers for Bavastatner’s war against the Orcs. King Aeetes of Colchis, an ally of dragons from the Heroic Age, used his considerable power to aid the white dragons when he could.

896BCE: The sons of Cogard cooperated for the war effort, but privately they grew to hate each other. They saw the war effort as a competition for the succession to the throne and only one could win.

878BCE: King Cogard suddenly took ill. He died sick in bed without naming one of his sons as successor. The brothers gathered on the edge of the river east of Jord to discuss the succession. The conversation swiftly turned to blows and the brothers left to prepare for civil war. As the war started by the river, the waterway came to be known as the Cogardes River, after the four sons that began their conflict there.

864BCE: The Dwarven Civil War lasted sixteen years, four years for each of the four brothers. During the war the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords was lost with a rumor that it would only re-emerge when the dwarven people were ready to be one nation again.
No resolution to the war was reached. Each of the brothers was only more entrenched in their position. Cogard’s nation was officially separated into four kingdoms. Albirnon in the Western Underdark as King of the Duergar Dwarves, Steffern in the Northern Underdark as King of the Deep Dwarves, Coldruin in the Terror Mountains as King of the Mountain Dwarves, and Yentbern at Jord as King of the Hill Dwarves.

439BCE: Atreides had a vision that led him to the Fierce Axe’s hiding place. He slew a giant guarding the weapon and claimed it for the dwarven race.
Amalgami safeguarded the Axe after Atreides’ death.

418BCE: The Amazons rose up in revolt against Dragoviniysm, led by their new queen, Ashabodai.

417BCE: The dragovinians fought the Amazons back to Dradelden. Jevaninada II met with Queen Ashabodai to discuss a truce. The Queen agreed to serve King Jevaninada II if he gave her the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords and gave immortality to any Amazon who wished it. In one night the Amazons went from the biggest liability for Xoria to the kingdom’s greatest asset.

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