Kingdoms Sprouting Up Part 1

The end of the Dragon War is a climax for the history of Cimmeria. I knew pretty well what built up to it. I knew the relative timing for events that happened during the war. The activities of the heroes after the war is largely dictated by the natural length of their lifespans depending on their race. It’s the transition to the next stage of Cimmerian history that I never figured out. Most of the harsh challenges of settling in the new land are resolved, so now the people just… settle. I don’t have any large conflicts for another 200 years after the Dragon War.

My next step is to set the stage for the next conflict and mix in a few smaller problems that the successors of the Dragon War Heroes will have to deal with.

Kingdom Sprouting

Smaller Settlements
After the Conclave dissolved, the humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, and orcs of Cimmeria spread out. They settled in small communities across the land. These communities would eventually develop into the various tribes, cities, and towns that are spotted across the landscape.

Most of Sadroston’s descendants died defending Nox when the dragons attacked. The remaining few signed their lives away to the white dragon pair, Shivara and Tikanile. The white dragons disliked ruling personally in the relatively warm city. They coronated one of Sadroston’s weakest children, Tachydorn, as King of Nox. The stronger of Sadroston’s remaining descendants were taken back to the white dragons’ lair at Doom Peak.

The white dragons changed their forms and mated with their captives to produce human-dragon crossbreeds. The crossbreeds were raised by Shivara and Tikanile. They were trained in magic and combat and taught to hate their human ancestry. When the crossbreeds were ready they were sent back to Nox to act as the white dragons’ viceroys. The ultimate humiliation for King Tachydorn, the last of Sadroston’s children.

As a human, King Tachydorn had died by the time the Dragon War started. Throughout his lifetime, he and his family had felt the boot of their crossbreed relations. The royal family was supposedly blessed with absolute power within Nox, but if a royal stepped over the lines drawn by the half-dragons, they were liable to be severely punished. Tachydorn’s grandchildren were all too ready to rise up against their draconic relatives when the Dragon War began.

When the Dragon War concluded, the royal family of Sadroston persisted. They continued to rule Nox for many years afterwards.

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