Kingdoms Sprouting Up Part 2

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While the races of the defunct Conclave were distracted by the Dragon War, the hobgoblins of Eastern Cimmeria were preparing for war. In 876BCE the leader of the hobgoblins, Kruk-Sho-Kar, invaded, laying waste to all of the small settlements around the Aral Sea.
Toffoun had been trying to stop the Dwarven Civil War. He realized that his efforts were getting him nothing and that his talents could be better used defending his old home in Eastern Cimmeria. Toffoun went with his old friends, Amalgami and Jovy, to stop the hobgoblins. Together they organized the Eastern Cimmerians into an army.
The Eastern Cimmerian army was unable to stop the hobgoblin advance on their own. The three heroes in charge split up to get help. Toffoun negotiated military aid from Queen Shortrastor. Jovy brought in recruits from Those Blasted Islands. Amalgami stayed with the Eastern Cimmerian army to command and train them for the coming battles. With the additional help, the warriors were able to repel the hobgoblin advance.
To prevent any future attacks from harming the Eastern Cimmerians, Toffoun and Amalgami organized their people into a city-state at the Dirt Plateau. They named the city, Jipangu. Toffoun and Amalgami weren’t the governing types though. They let their people come up with their own system of government while they left to help Tentineh construct the holding places for the Dragon Orbs.

After the Dragon War the Naturalists of Bigby’s Forest elected to take over the trading post at Semanarie. They set up a druidic enclave there that preached naturalism and separation from civilized society. Most of the buildings were knocked down and the residents slept outside, protected by the druids’ magic.
Not all druids shared these radical views. Those who did not formed a caravan to find a new location to settle that was still apart from Bigby’s Forest. These druids traveled east along the Caspian Shore, picking up followers as they went. Eventually they settled in the Aractrashan Jungle and named their town Tetalya. They sought integration with civilization as a way for the natural world to survive against the ever-increasing pressures of mortal expansion into the wild places of the world. Tetalya became famous for the herbs and natural medicines produced there.

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