Characters of Cimmeria: Salzar


Salzar was a Grey Elf warmage. He played a pivotal role in the First Alliance War as an organizer of the Alliance. It was on his urging that the Alliance broke the Golden Covenant that forbade the use of large-scale destructive magic against living targets. Salzar’s actions allowed the Xorians to retaliate and he became a war criminal. Amalgami the Betrayer, fearing that he would be blamed for Salzar’s actions, murdered his companion. Salzar’s life ended prematurely and the First Alliance crumbled soon afterward.

Salzar was born in the city of Greshendale to an elven mage couple that specialized in garden magic. Salzar learned spells from a young age, as many did in the floating city. The young Salzar’s talents did not lend themselves to the art of flower growing like his parents. He was drawn to battle magic. Wards, mobility spells, and especially the destructive power of the elements. His parents were reluctant to nurture their son’s natural talent for violent magic, wishing him to be a peace-loving mage like themselves. Against their wishes, Salzar enrolled in the War Mage Academy.

Salzar’s natural talent for battle magic took him to the top of his class. He mastered all elemental magicks with ease and applied them to maximum effect. Unfortunately, Salzar’s rebellious streak that led him to enroll in the War Mage Academy also hurt his chances of gaining a Sky Patrol position. Upon graduation, rather than enlisting in the Sky Patrol with his classmates, Salzar left Greshendale to go adventuring.

Salzar traveled a little on his own before meeting up with Atreides the dwarf, Junai Two-Blades, and Amalgami the Betrayer. The four of them met Princess Tarigananata and General Antapike and together they formed the First Alliance against Xoria. Salzar provided magical support, serving as arch-mage of Princess Tarigananata’s court in exile.

Unfortunately, the war against Xoria seemed hopeless without additional support. Salzar broke the Golden Covenant and used powerful battle magic directly on the Xorian forces. The Xorians retaliated as the Covenant allowed and then requested Salzar’s head for his transgressions. Tarigananata stood by her advisor, but others within her court did not. Amalgami betrayed and murdered Salzar. He delivered the mage’s head to the Xorians to secure a royal pardon for his part in the formation of the First Alliance. Nothing remains of Salzar now except his reputation as a war criminal.


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