Cimmerian Timeline Part 31

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761BCE: Lord Bjorn of Dalleer died of old age. Bjorn’s son did not succeed him. Instead, Ballath, a wise, human friend of Bjorn’s, assumed the lordship. Bjorn’s family was outraged. Ballath took Bjorn’s name as a title in a failed attempt to keep the peace, but he refused to surrender control.

759BCE: Bjorn’s children moved to Jord. Most of Dalleer’s dwarven population followed.

737BCE: Bjorn Ballath of Dalleer died of old age. Like his successor before him, Ballath overlooked his children in favor of an experienced friend, Skizofren.

736BCE: Bjorn Skizofren began to drink heavily after Ballath’s death. He started drafting insanely foolish laws while drunk and he was always drunk. Ballath’s heirs attempted to correct Skizofren’s decisions, but the Bjorn seemed unnaturally skilled at political manuevering.

735BCE: Bjorn Skizofren insulted Ballath’s family. Frustrated with the Bjorn, the children of Ballath left Dalleer. They traveled downriver and founded Bradel Fields near the mouth of the Black River.

734BCE: Luwia, the daughter of Ballath, became Queen of Bradel Fields with her brothers and sisters as fellow nobles. Wandered from across Cimmeria began to flock to the new settlement. Citizens of Dalleer who feared Bjorn Skizofren’s irrational behavior also came to Bradel Fields.

733BCE: Suffering under Bjorn Skizofren’s drunken rule, the citizens of Dalleer planned a revolt. Skizofren was remarkably keen eyed in his drunken state. He identified key members of the revolt and befriended them during his drunken escapades. He learned the names of the other revolt leaders from his new friends and then had them arrested.

731BCE: Orc attacks became frequent for the farming villages surrounding Bradel Fields. Queen Luwia began forming an order of mounted knights to quickly respond to any attacks.

730BCE: A reckless mage opened a dangerous interdimensional portal in Dalleer. Bjorn Skizofren haphazardly led the city guard of Dalleer into the portal and found a way to close it from the inside. The collapse of the portal shunted them back to Dalleer. The people of Dalleer rejoiced that their Bjorn had saved them.
Queen Luwia’s mounted knights repelled the orc attacks and made Bradel Fields safe once more.

728BCE: To assist commerce and travel within the kingdom, Queen Luwia initiated a number of public works projects. Roads and aqueducts were built. A grand arena was constructed in town along with a number of temples and parks.

720BCE: Queen Luwia felt her new kingdom had finally matured. She gathered her people together to reclaim her birthright, the lordship of Dalleer. The army marched against Bjorn Skizofren. Skizofren brought his people within the walls of Dalleer and constructed catapults to ward off attacks. Queen Luwia’s army raided and burned the countryside and left.

719BCE: Queen Luwia returned to raid and burn once again. Dalleer’s food stocks began to run low, but Bjorn Skizofren led the people in planting root crops that resisted the fires started by the soldiers of Bradel Fields.

718BCE: Queen Luwia raided the Dalleer countryside again.

717BCE: Bjorn Skizofren negotiated a peace with Queen Luwia. Dalleer would pay a small tribute to Bradel Fields for fifty years in exchange for leaving their crops unmolested.
After the conclusion of the peace, Bjorn Skizofren began training an army of his people. Additionally he hired the local orc raiders as mercenaries.

715BCE: Bjorn Skizofren sent the orc raiders south to attack Bradel Fields. The orcs rode wargs to escape the mounted knights of Bradel Fields. Queen Luwia recognized the false flag attack and declared war on Dalleer.

714BCE: Queen Luwia led her army against Dalleer once more, but this time Bjorn Skizofren was ready to respond. His troops ambushed Queen Luwia. Her army was routed and she was forced to surrender. Queen Luwia returned home in disgrace.

713BCE: Queen Luwia’s defeat destroyed the people’s confidence in her. Her extended family intervened and organized a peaceful transition of power. Queen Luwia would abdicate and a council of five would rule instead. The council would be made up of one member from each of the families of the five children of Ballath. Queen Luwia agreed. She ceded the crown to her relatives and retired.

711BCE: Queen Luwia died in her sleep.

641BCE: Bjorn Skizofren of Dalleer finally came to the end of his life. He named an unknown young man as his successor. The people of Dalleer followed their Bjorn’s wishes. This new Bjorn became stark mad when he took the throne.

639BCE: A legion of hobgoblins invaded Dalleer’s territory. The Bjorn took the army out and waited to ambush the hobgoblins. The enemy entered the kill zone, but the Bjorn refused to give the command to attack. The hobgoblins walked past the Dalleer army and raided villages. The Bjorn’s commanders were infuriated. They took the army into their own hands and vanquished the hobgoblin threat.
When the generals returned they conferred with the other authorities in Dalleer. They agreed the new Bjorn couldn’t be allowed to make decisions. The position’s power was reduced to that of ceremony while the civil servants would run the city from the shadows.

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