Cimmerian Timeline Part 32

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841BCE: A group of humans, elves, and halflings settled a small village at a river junction in the Aractrashan Jungle. It was an important trading post for hunters and traders. Many visitors stayed at the village inn, the Inn of Lost Souls. The village was named Satronwook.

820BCE: Dionysus and Pan began their parade tour of the Caspian starting at the Persian trade post of Baku. They traveled northward, keeping the Sea on their right.

816BCE: Dionysus and Pan arrived at Satronwook. Dionysus created the famous alcohol fountain and the pair founded the drinking contest that now decides the leadership of Satronwook. The first winner was a halfling woman, Baradera, who the contest is named after. Dionysus crowned her and turned her into a magically intelligent panda. He gave Panda Baradera the command of a pack of blink dogs to enforce her decree for a single year until the drinking contest was held again.

815BCE: The Baradera of Satronwook crowned a new Panda, but Baradera was shocked to learn that she would not be transforming back into a halfling. Her true form would forever be that of a talking panda. The blink dogs served the new Panda, enforcing her decrees and those of all previous Pandas.
The novelty of Satronwook’s leadership and alcohol fountain attracted many people to the village and it grew into a sizable trading town.

784BCE: The Amazons of Scythia raided Western Cimmeria. They ran into resistance when they attacked the outlying settlements of Jeutontic and were repelled by the aerial cavalry. The Amazons returned to Scythia for the winter.

783BCE: The Amazons invaded again led by Queen Saikolok. She established a colony named Dradelden and used it as a base for more raiding throughout Western Cimmeria.

782BCE: With Dradelden secure, Queen Saikolok left it in control of her subordinate, Triadnikai. Queen Saikolok returned to Scythia. Triadnikai felt that tribute would provide more resources than looting in the long run. She began negotiating protection pacts with the various communities of Western Cimmeria. Pay tribute to the Amazons and they would protect that village. Miss the payment and it would be extracted by force.

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