Cimmerian Timeline Part 33

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This post will cover the lives of the Restnor family.

882BCE: Humans freed from the dragon’s tyranny began to settle around Valor’s Forest.

880BCE: The human settlements around Valor’s Forest suffered a number of monster attacks. They petitioned the Elves of Valor’s Forest for assistance. Rather than directly protecting the settlements, the Elves offered to train one hundred humans to be monster-hunting rangers. Restnor the First was one of the humans who volunteered for this training.

879BCE: Restnor the First fathered a child with an elvish woman, Tialafosnor. Rather than raise the child in Valor’s Forest, Tialafosnor elected to travel with Restnor on his monster-hunting treks. While Restnor the First was trained to be a ranger, the boy, Restnor the Second, was born a ranger.

869BCE: Tialaforsnor returned to Valor’s Forest. The two Restnors continued to protect the growing human communities from the wilds. Dwarves, halflings, and orcs began to settle in the area as well.

859BCE: Restnor the First died while ranging and Restnor the Second took his place within the ranger guild.

856BCE: The people living around Valor’s Forest were threatened by King Blacktooth of the lizardfolk who had gathered a large army to raid across the countryside. Restnor the Second united the rangers of the region and led them to victory against the lizardfolk.

854BCE: Restnor the Second had a child with the human woman, Delilah. The boy was named Restnor as well. Delilah raised the child in safety at her village by the local Temple of Hephaestus.

840BCE: Restnor the Second took Restnor the Third on a ranger trek. The younger Restnor had grown up studying in the Temple of Hephaestus. The teenager also suffered from hallucinatory visions. Restnor the Second taught his son how to hunt the evil lizardfolk that remained in the area. While on the trailed of a band of nefarious reptiles, Restnor the Third neglected his camp duties. Due to his failure, the lizardfolk attacked without warning and killed Restnor the Second who protected his son’s escape.
Restnor the Third’s hallucinations dominated his mind. He hunted the lizardfolk through his psychotic episode, killing every member of the band that had murdered his father. Unfortunately, revenge did not stop the visions. Restnor wandered into the Terror Mountains and began to have conversations with his hallucinations, believing he was speaking to Hephaestus and Zeus.

839BCE: Restnor’s visions directed him to follow an eagle’s flight. The bird landed behind a waterfall at the source of Talon’s Bed. Restnor found an enormous gold deposit behind the waterfall. The eagle was surprisingly tame and Restnor named it Talon, which the river now bears the name of as well.
Restnor began a mining operation behind the waterfall. He hired the crippled and mentally disabled to build a community around the mine, giving them a place to live and be themselves without fear or worry. The community around the mine came be be known as Restnor’s Point.

791BC: Restnor the Third died and was cremated. During the funeral ceremony great adamantine walls rose up around Restnor’s Point to eternally protect the town and as a symbol of Hephaestus’s blessing.
Restnor the Third had no children, but Talon did. The eagle’s offspring were bred with magical birds to make the rare breed known as asestaro. 

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