The First Vampire of Cimmeria Part 1

When the Olympians moved east they gave the Cimmerians additional magic power. These powers provided great entertainment for the Olympians, but were not without their costs. The Greek gods occasionally came into contact with other pantheons, most notably the Persian and Goblin pantheons. The additional power of mortals in Cimmeria attracted the attention of another semi-divine entity, the Lich-queen of the Githyanki.

The githyanki come from a place between dimensions known as the Astral Plane. They wield strange psionic magic and are led by an immortal despot, the Lich-queen. While immortal, her power still pales before a true god’s. She constantly hungers for more power. Any githyanki who rise above a certain level are summoned to the Lich-queen’s court to be consumed by their monarch. She absorbs their power into herself, becoming stronger by inches as she comes closer and closer to godhood.

The Lich-queen observed the growing power of the mortals in Cimmeria and sent a squadron of githyanki soldiers to investigate. They attacked the small town of Shalerton, kidnapping several residents to torture and interrogate for information about the new dimension they had invaded.

The villagers of Shalerton pooled their wealth and hired some mercenaries to rescue their fellow citizens and fend off future attacks. Many responded, but the most notable among them were Galandir the Eldritch Knight, Tereman the Paladin, and Blendegad the Hexblade. The magical and martial powers of this trio served an excellent match for the githyanki scouts. They defeated the extra-dimensional invaders and rescued the captive townsfolk.

Galandir, Tereman, and Blendegad investigated the base of the githyanki and determined that this was more than a simple band of raiders. The group vowed to defend Shalerton and Cimmeria from any future attacks. They began researching the unusual magical items brought to Cimmeria by the Githyanki. The trio hoped to find clues that would help them in future fights against the evil invaders.

I know there isn’t much on vampires here yet. It’s coming! This will be a multi part post about the adventures of Galandir, Tereman, and Blendegad that leads to the origin of the first vampire.

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