Setting the Stage Episode 15 – Hayden & Carson and Egress

Hayden and Carson joined me for a dual interview on their world called Egress. Egress is the name of the world and the god of the world. The world has a single continent that slopes downward from the sea towards a funnel in the middle. All creatures feel the Longing which pulls them into the funnel when they get to past their prime. The Longing is a defense mechanism against Chaos demons from outside of Egress that wish to destroy the last bastion of creation in the multiverse. The demons upset the balance between the good and evil sides of Egress, reintroducing malice and cruelty to the good side.

The races of Egress have very well thought out positions within the world with flavor that is similar to standard fantasy tropes but creative and independent at the same time. On Egress all power comes from gold which is essentially solid magic. Large piles of gold spawn a powerful dragon which can offer protection, power, and magic items to those who bring it more gold. It’s through this process that the characters of Egress level up, but only gold can be used this way, not other treasure.

Hayden and Carson DM the world together with a rough split of the DMing responsibilities between each other. They use a few different DMing tools to help out. During the call we talked about a creator who has been very helpful, Giffyglyph, whose material can be found here:

Here is a map of Egress


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