Characters of Cimmeria: Gradorian and Junai


Gradorian was the Guildmaster of the Phoenix Mercenaries Guild. He mastered all fighting styles from bow and arrow, to dual-wielding, to spear and shield. Gradorian served on the Alliance War Council and often favored aggressive action to counter Xorian strategies. After the Battle of Phoenix Gradorian remained an important part of the Alliance as he trained the many refugees in Jipangu to rebuild the Alliance’s army. Throughout the war Gradorian had a fledgling romance with his second-in-command, Junai. After the end of the Second Alliance War they finally got together.

Gradorian was born the son of two goblins in the Hobgoblin Lands. Blessed with hobgoblin stature he joined one of the many armies vying for control of Kruk-Ma-Kali’s long dead empire. Gradorian threw himself into the fighting far more than any of his fellows. When the group he traveled with was at peace for a time, Gradorian left to join a different company of goblinoids that was at war. His strength, force of will, and a fair bit of luck brought him through this cauldron. Gradorian emerged with training in every combat style imaginable, a voice to command soldiers in battle, charisma to keep them organized between fights, and knowledge of logistics to keep his people fed and clothed.

Gradorian came to control his own mercenary band of hobgoblins. Seeking harder battles and richer rewards, he took a contract from King Mero I to eliminate a nest of sandwurms south of Mars’ Oasis. Gradorian’s band proved successful and they took on every mercenary contract in Mars’ Oasis they could get their hands on. This eventually led them west guarding merchant caravans until the troop ended up in Phoenix. Seeing the Mercenaries Guild, Gradorian and most of his followers decided to join up.

Gradorian performed well in the Mercenaries Guild. He had a natural talent for all aspects of the guild. He was quickly granted the master title and after many years the other masters voted him to be the Guildmaster. He assumed the position on the eve of the Second Alliance War and became a key member on the Alliance War Council. Gradorian advocated for riskier and more aggressive strategic options but was often voted down by the other Councilors.

Gradorian led the troops of the Alliance in battle during the early stages of the war and at the Battle of Phoenix. After the loss of Phoenix the Mercenaries Guild was wiped out. Gradorian sought to reform the guild by training Phoenix refugees at Phoenix to become soldiers. He worked on this project with Junai and they grew close during this time. Together they defeated Talos to claim the Geyser of Talos to be used in a army training ritual from the Tome of Agamemnon. This ritual proved instrumental in winning the Battle of Bradel Fields when the sahuagin invaded.

Winning at Bradel Fields proved fruitless in the end when King Jevaninada II’s necromantic bomb killed everything in the city except Gradorian. He endured through his sheer might. With everyone else dead around him and quickly turning into undead, Gradorian grabbed the Alliance treasury and headed east towards Jipangu. The fighters of Bradel Fields were revived by Amalius and Gradorian began training them for combat once more.

At the end of the Second Alliance War Gradorian became enamored with Danar. A legend come to life, Gradorian pledged himself to Danar’s vision of the world. After adventuring for a few months with Junai, the pair settled down in Danar’s colony of Mo’nyoq. They helped the colony grow while also starting a family of their own. Within a few years a half-elf/half-hobgoblin child was born.


Junai is a brusque elvish adventurer who fights monsters with dual-wielded swords. She adventured with Terroc and his group for a few months before the First Alliance War. After leaving the group Junai joined the Mercenaries Guild of Phoenix for more stable work. She rose through the ranks of the guild to become a master and the second-in-command to Gradorian the Guildmaster. Junai fought and commanded troops in many battles during the Second Alliance War. After the war she settled down in Mo’nyoq to protect the colony.

Junai had a professional relationship with Gradorian that turned personal during the Second Alliance War. Their friendship turned to romance. After the war Junai and Gradorian went on an adventuring trip across Cimmeria for a few months before laying down roots in Mo’nyoq. A few years later they started a family when Junai became pregnant and gave birth to a half-elf/half-hobgoblin child.


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