Characters of Cimmeria: Titandra and Kig Yupington


Titandra was a blind seer and the representative of Restnor’s Point on the Alliance War Council. Titandra acted as a moral center for the Council, guiding the different members away from evil and impious means to achieve their ends. She also had the gift of prophecy and received visions during the war that led the Alliance to victory. Her blind nature was little impediment due to her heightened sixth senses, but she was often close to Kig Yupington who served as her eyes and hands when necessary.

Titandra was slain by the necromantic bomb that King Jevaninada II unleashed on Bradel Fields, but she was later resurrected. Titandra’s will to defeat the dragovinians sustained her through the Second Alliance War. When the war concluded her health rapidly deteriorated. She passed away soon afterwards. The leadership of Restnor’s Point passed to Kig Yupington due to his wise and heroic action during the Second Alliance War.

Kig Yupington

Kig Yupington is one of the strangest people in all of Cimmeria. A humanoid of unknown race, his body is covered in dozens of tattoos. He created an organization in Dalleer called the Inter-Racial Coalition that sought to reunite the races as they once were during the Conclave. Kig sat in on Alliance War Council meetings as the well-spoken bodyguard of Titandra. He performed admirably in many battles during the Second Alliance War, assisting in the defeat of Degusharla, Frost, and Ashabodai as well as recovering the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords. During the course of the war Kig came to be ruler of Dorrowsan and after the war he combined Dorrowsan with his favored city of Restnor’s Point to rule both.

Kig Yupington is of an indeterminate race. He seems to be a hybrid of the five races of the Conclave. Kig has the pointy ears of an elf, the stocky body of a dwarf, the hairy feet of a halfling, the tusks of an orc, and the blue eyes of a human. He is a mystery that even magic has been unable to solve and something the gods refuse to reveal. Even more peculiar, when Kig dies his body resurrects at a random location within Cimmeria with all his memories and knowledge intact. Kig himself has no explanation for his condition despite having lived for hundreds of years.

Kig’s Inter-Racial Coalition has its headquarters in Dalleer. The complex contains a large bar, inn, restaurant, park, and guild training area for all races to meet and develop respect and tolerance for each other. Kig’s hopes this space will provide different races an opportunity to come together peacefully and build a better future. Kig constructed the headquarters and continues to fund it using money he gained from centuries of adventuring. Kig’s responsibilities at Restnor’s Point have drawn him away from the Inter-Racial Coalition, but he still visits occasionally to check up on his good-will mission.

Kig trained his body and fighting skills as an adventurer for many years. His expertise came in use during the Second Alliance War. He acted as a bodyguard for Titandra and a warrior in many critical battles during the war. At the Battle of Phoenix Kig was instrumental in the defeat of Degusharla, Frost, and Ashabodai. Only King Jevaninada II himself was able to kill Kig, but the tattooed monk revived due to his strange nature. Kig dies many times during the war, but resurrected every time without fail. His talents were useful to the Alliance in securing the Geyser of Talos and the Battle of Bradel Fields. After the Second Alliance War Kig helped in Nox to transition power from Jevaninada and the dragovinians to Tarigananata and her Rebel staff.

After the Duel for Dorrowsan, Kig was given the Scepter of Dorrowsan. He used the scepter to move the city east to Jipangu. There the Dorrowsan people trained with other new recruits to the Alliance. After the Alliance won the war, Kig began accepting refugees of all kinds into Dorrowsan. He also began undoing the Great Lump’s harmful programming that had created a needlessly hierarchical society. Upon Titandra’s passing Kig moved the ice city to the outskirts of Restnor’s Point. He foresees a shining paradise for the two cities working together in harmony.


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