Characters of Cimmeria: Lamarr and Dralin


Lamarr was the human Guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild in Phoenix during the Second Alliance War. He sat on the Alliance War Council as a representative of the combatants within the Adventurers Guild and the wider city of Phoenix. He favored a proactive course against the Xorians to win the Second Alliance War. Lamarr dabbled in many different fighting techniques and magic traditions. His unique fighting style combined many seemingly incompatible techniques. He could act with unnatural speed while wielding two flaming curved daggers.

During the Battle of Phoenix the dragovinians dug a tunnel into the city center. Lamarr rallied the fighters of the Adventurers Guild to defend the hole. Unfortunately, Ashabodai emerged from the hole and slew Lamarr with the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords. His personal fighting style was strong, but ultimately failed against the power of a dragovinian general. Lamarr’s body was recovered after the battle and he was laid to rest outside Bradel Fields.


Dralin was the general of the Hill Dwarf army prior to the Battle of Phoenix. He sat on the Alliance War Council along with his nephew Torin as representatives of Jord and the Hill Dwarves. Prior to joining the Alliance, Dralin had a reputation as a fearsome force on the battlefield. He had served his uncle, King Dainlin, to wipe out orcs in a wide area around Jord. For this action Dralin was known as the Orckiller.

Dralin fought with an extremely aggressive battle style. It was often dangerous to stand next to him due to his wild strikes and deafening shout. Additionally, Dralin rode into battle on the back of an enormous, armored dinosaur. He named his mount Bessy and was never far from her. This earned Dralin the additional epithet of Dino-Rider.

During the Battle of Phoenix Dralin defended the city while on Bessy’s back. Dralin helped in the fight against Ashabodai of the dragovinian Amazons and the evil King Jevaninada II. The dragovinian king managed to decapitate Bessy, but Ashabodai was slain by Logan in turn. Dralin got his hands on the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords that Ashabodai had wielded. He was the first dwarf to hold the ancestral weapon of his people in decades. Unfortunately, Jevaninada proved too strong. Dralin was slain, but his body and the Fierce Axe were recovered from the battlefield. Dralin was given a hero’s burial in Jord a few days later.


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