Setting the Stage Episode 14 – Nathan and Aenea

Nathan introduces us to his world of Aenea, a world with a deep pool of lore thanks to Nathan’s hard work on making a full world mod of Aenea for the Neverwinter Nights MMO game. Nathan first created Aenea while playing with his siblings. It grew into a enormous world on Neverwinter Nights. After the server crashed, Nathan revived the world to play D&D once more.

Aenea itself has a set of two moons, a silver one and a green one. Twenty gods rule over the people of Aenea. Each race has a multitude of subraces to choose from. Nathan’s created an immense amount of homebrew material to support his world. Access to all that homebrew info and plenty more is available at

Here is a map of Aenea.


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