The Dragon Hegemons: Introduction

The dragon hegemons were ten pairs of powerful dragons, all the direct descendants of the divine monsters, Echidna and Titan. Each pair had a different relationship and a different color. In the early years of Cimmeria the dragons feared Sadroston’s power, but after the great hero died, they felt free to act.

The twenty dragons met at the Draconic Convocation. They agreed to conquer all of Cimmeria and split the provinces of the realm among themselves. They were the strongest beings in the Olympians’ new creation, so they saw themselves as the most deserving of control. Each pair of dragons would rule a region of Cimmeria and could do what they saw fit with the land and people of that region. The dragons took wing and set about subjugating the different people of Cimmeria. Within two years the whole of Cimmeria was under draconic control.

The Olympians did nothing to help their mortal subjects. The new turn of events amused them. They watched, curious what would happen next to this new world of dragons and mortals.

The dragons ruled Cimmeria for seven cruel decades. They declared a new set of laws in effect throughout the land. These laws set up dragons and their progeny as the aristocracy of Cimmeria with all others being second-class citizens. Mortals were forbidden from forming large armed groups without approval from their dragon lord. Mortal labor was used to construct grand palaces and monuments. The dragons inbred with their subjects and in many cases, the local wildlife. Draconic half-breeds became relatively common.

The mortals couldn’t endure the tyrannical rule forever. Tentineh and Shratalanda arranged a rebellion with the other Heroes of the Dragon War. They used a powerful ritual developed by Tentineh to bind the dragon hegemons in colored magical Orbs. These Orbs of Dragonkind gave their bearer the ability to command dragons of the corresponding color. The Heroes of the Dragon War used the Orbs to end the dragons’ rule over Cimmeria.

Tentineh still feared that the Orbs could be broken and that the dragon hegemons could return. To prevent this, he tied each of the Heroes of the Dragon War to one of the Orbs. Each of the Heroes entered a timeless slumber. If the Orbs were ever broken the Heroes would be awakened to defeat the dragons once more. So far three Orbs have broken and three Heroes have returned. Tracy revived when the Blue Orb was destroyed, Danar revived when the Red Orb was destroyed, and Gorwinua revived when the White Orb was destroyed. Tracy failed in her fight against Bavastatner, but Danar and Gorwinua had much more success in reimprisoning all the escaped dragons.

The different regions of Cimmeria that were ruled by the dragon hegemons.

The history of the dragons in Cimmeria is not unified. Each of the ten pairs ruled a different area of Cimmeria and experienced different events during their rule. More details on each of the ten pairs will be coming soon.


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