Characters of Cimmeria: Hera

Hera is daughter of Cronos and Rhea, the wife of Zeus, and the queen of Olympus. She is often trying to prevent Zeus from cheating on her or getting revenge on the women he does cheat with. Due to her husband’s constant infidelities she is often angry. Hera presides over marriage and adult women. Some would say she presides over jealousy as well. Her favored cities are Carthage and Samos and her sacred animal is the cow.

Hera’s activities in Cimmeria are mostly related to attempting to kill and injure her husband’s illegitimate children. She tried to kill Cecilia and she tried to prevent Amalgami’s birth among others. The only child of Zeus that she liked was Queen Anajakaze. Zeus begot the Amazon Queen as a present to Hera. Anajakaze’s queenship advanced the rights of women throughout Xoria. In a strange twist of divine emotion, Hera actually enjoyed her gift. She grieved when Zeus was injured and the dragovinians destroyed her feminist empire.

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