Cimmerian Timeline Part 55

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This one details the heroic rise of Balin that led to him retaking Fangaroot from the kobolds.

638BCE: Balin, the great-great-grandson of Shaelin got the idea to gain glory so he could replace the insane Bjorn. He made a team with his halfling friend, Terry, and his wizard cousin, Isdmir. Together they planned to rid the Dalleer area of monsters.

637BCE: Balin, Terry, and Isdmir destroyed various lizardfolk bands that had been driven west by the rangers of Eastern Cimmeria.

635BCE: Balin, Terry, and Isdmir slew kobold raiders that were pillaging the settlements west of Dalleer.

632BCE: Balin, Terry, and Isdmir thwarted a troglodyte attack against Dalleer. The smelly beasts had tunneled underneath the city to capture citizens for cannibalistic rituals. The heroic trio discovered the threat, rallied the city’s defenders, and journeyed into the Underdark to slay the troglodyte chief themselves. Within a week Balin, Terry, and Isdmir were the heroes of Dalleer.

631BCE: Isdmir suspected that the troglodytes had been working with someone inside the city. The monsters had gotten too close to completing their plan to have been working alone. Isdmir began investigating.
Balin used his heroic reputation to insert himself into the upper ranks of Dalleer’s politics. Terry retired to a life of luxury and ease. Balin, Terry, and Isdmir maintained their friendship.

620BCE: After a decade of detective work and many false leads, Isdmir finally discovered who had let the troglodytes tunnel under Dalleer. The city’s leadership had been infiltrated by a group of evil shapeshifting snake people. Isdmir, Balin, and Terry rejoined to root out the nefarious snakes. They succeeded and the snakes were exposed and executed.
The snake people had made up a good portion of Dalleer’s leadership. With them removed, Balin’s influence became de facto law.

617BCE: Balin used his power in Dalleer to organize an army of dwarves, humans, and halflings. They would soon retake Fangaroot from the kobolds.

616BCE: Balin led the attack to reclaim Fangaroot. The kobolds bravely defended the city. Terry disarmed many of the kobold traps. Isdmir died in the fighting, but his sacrifice helped the city to be retaken. After more than four hundred years Fangaroot was in the hands of the Conclave races again.

615BCE: Balin quit Dalleer to assume leadership at Fangaroot. Using the old name for the city seemed inappropriate, so it was renamed in Balin’s honor as Balin’s Holt. Balin renamed the nearby river the Isdmir in honor of his friend’s sacrifice as well.

517BCE: Terry of Balin’s Holt succumbed to old age. With his best friend gone, Balin slipped into a deep depression. He abandoned the governance of the city to the city council.

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