Cimmerian Timeline Part 53

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Tying Nomingburg after the Dragon War to Tracy’s Return and then the eventual rise of Duke Jingo.

879BCE: With Tracy gone the people of Nomingburg began elections to choose their leader, the Duke of Nomingburg.

877BCE: Nomingburg became a home base for many of the rangers in the area.

870BCE: As Nomingburg grew the different survivalist guilds competed for new members. The original guilds of arcane, divine, ki, and technological power united against the newcomer Ranger Guild.

868BCE: Duke Triceta of Nomingburg from the Ki Guild enacted laws that restricted the activities of the Ranger Guild.

856BCE: Continuing restrictions on the Ranger Guild in Nomingburg finally resulted in the guild’s effective banishment from the city.

855BCE: Without the common enemy of the rangers to unite them the guilds of Nomingburg could no longer work together. A majority could not be reached and a new Duke was not elected.

853BCE: Failed elections continued to be held in Nomingburg. Any candidate that seemed close to gaining a majority found themselves assassinated. Each of the four guilds turned to regulating their own territory within the city.

844BCE: With Nomingburg elections still ineffective, the guilds began selling their services to people across the world. The guildmasters hoped the money and influence they gained abroad would help them to secure power at home.

818BCE: Tracy’s death did not dissuade Crafterton and Nomingburg. The two halfling cities continued to fight alongside the Gish Trio to cast out the remaining githyanki invaders. Nomingburg once more held successful elections to select the next Duke.

692BCE: Nomingburg rebuilt in the wake of Kruk-Ma-Kali’s invasion. The guilds reestablished themselves in their current forms, Assassins, Ninjas, Blackguards, and Blood Mages. Peaceful elections for Duke proceeded once again.

649BCE: After fifty years of peace, political assassination returned to the elections of Nomingburg. The leading candidate was murdered and the city descended into street to street warfare. A truce was declared, but Nomingburg was once again divided into four autonomous sections.

493BCE: The fighting between the guilds of Nomingburg resulted in citywide fire. All the guilds had to work together to put out the flames. Concerned that their fighting would result in their own deaths, the guilds began to seriously talk about peace. Unfortunately they continued to disagree on everything, even the conditions for meeting to have peace talks.

492BCE: The philanthropist, Jingo, was contacted by the four guilds of Nomingburg to resolve their differences. He tricked each of the guildmasters into meeting with each other without weapons. Diplomacy truly began. The guilds aligned behind Jingo as a leader for the unified city. He was declared Duke Jingo of Nomingburg.

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