Cimmerian Timeline Part 52

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Mars’ Oasis needs a little bit of connecting history to establish the threats and the relationship between the city and the Shacklack Desert.

696BCE: The soldiers turned settlers of Mars’ Oasis needed a staple food crop in the desert. The nymphs found a cactus fruit called sithica that when soaked in the Dythalid Pool became edible. The soldiers began cultivating the cactus.

691BCE: Some of the blue dragons of the Shacklack attacked Mars’ Oasis in search of treasure. The experienced Roman soldiers easily defended their community and their families. The blue dragons pleaded with Bavastatner to help, but he refused to get involved. Bavastatner wished to preserve Mars’ Oasis as a good training opportunity for his children.

678BCE: Through accident and experimentation the people of Mars’ Oasis learned the power of the Dythlaid Pool. The town had grown as people learned it was a safe haven within the Shacklack Desert. To protect the secrets of the Dythalid Pool, the original Roman founders of Mars’ Oasis created the Dythalidee to protect the Pool.

665BCE: Sahamathrian completed the process of becoming a lich. He left Crux and returned to the Shacklack Desert to further his study of necromancy and other arcane secrets.

657BCE: Mars’ Oasis had attracted a population of adventurers that explored the Shacklack Desert for treasure. These adventurers began to encounter more and more undead in recent years. An expedition discovered the source of the undead at an enormous stone obelisk in the desert. A powerful lich necromancer that would be known as the Bane led the undead. The obelisk came to be known as the Lich Shade.

653BCE: Undead attacked Mars’ Oasis in wave after wave. Over the year the people of Mars’ Oasis became practiced in holy magic.

650BCE: Prince Barakah of the sand giants led an attack against the Lich Shade. He and his companions perished in the attack.

649BCE: The Bane led a genocidal retaliatory attack against the sand giants. Every single sand giant was slain.

629BCE: Mars’ Oasis sought to increase its influence over the Shacklack Desert by establishing a colony. An oasis southeast of the city was picked for development. Unfortunately, a new monster had moved in since the oasis was first discovered. The formian ants had occupied the land around the oasis with twenty-five hives and twenty-five queens.

628BCE: Alerted to the presence of Mars’ Oasis, the formians sent an attack force to the city. The ants were driven off, but many buildings were badly damaged in the attack.

627BCE: A temple to Dionysus was established in Mars’ Oasis to defend the city with chaos magic against the lawful power of the formians.

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