Cimmerian Timeline Part 36

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821BCE: The Gish Trio let the githyanki and blue dragons wear themselves down against each other. Tracy and Tereman worked on a banishment spell to throw the Lich-queen back to the Astral Plane. Galandir and Blendegad forged new magical equipment using the metal of the githyanki’s silver swords.

820BCE: Blendegad noticed a peculiar resonant quality to the silver sword material. He began work on a panoply of armor, shield, and sword that would enhance each other when worn together.

819BCE: Tracy and the Gish Trio’s work was complete. They had the best gear they could manufacture and a spell guaranteed to throw the Lich-queen out of the Material Plane permanently. The heroes waited for the best time to strike. Fortunately, the Draco-Gith War gave them plenty of opportunities. The Lich-queen was weakened after a battle with the blue dragons and the Gish Trio chose that time to strike. Their plan proved successful, but not without cost. Tereman banished the Lich-queen to the Astral Plane, but Tracy’s soul was ripped from her body and consumed during the fight rendering her eternally dead.
The Draco-Gith War continued after the Lich-queen’s banishment, but without her direct presence. The Gish Trio fought on without Tracy, eliminating powerful githyanki wherever they could.

818BCE: Blendegad’s guilt over the death of Tracy drove him to alter the shield of the combined panoply he’d made with Galandir and Tereman. With Shratalanda’s notes and his gathered knowledge of the githyanki, Blendegad changed the nature of the resonant power of the panoply. Now when all three were worn together they would transform the bearer into an immortal being. Blendegad completed his work and donned the gear and he changed into a new breed of immortal, a vampire.
Blendegad noticed the drawbacks of his new nature quickly and hid the effects from Galandir and Tereman. He drank from the githyanki they killed when his allies’ backs were turned.

817BC: Intoxicated by the power of drinking blood, Blendegad began purchasing slaves while traveling to eliminate githyanki. He drank the slaves dry and deposited corpses across Cimmeria. After a few months Blendegad realized his leftovers were rising as vampires themselves, but by then it was too late. Hundreds of victims littered Cimmeria and a new plague of vampires would haunt Cimmeria for centuries afterwards.

816BCE: Galandir and Tereman discovered the depraved darkness Blendegad had fallen into. They ambushed their friend and magically bound him beneath an unmarked hill south of Bradel Fields. Galandir and Tereman reclaimed the sword, shield, and armor of panoply but the powerful magic that created the artifacts resisted destruction. The pair resolved to create three vaults to safeguard the items and prevent their reunification.

808BCE: Galandir and Tereman completed their work on the three vaults to house the panoply corrupted by Blendegad. The pair started a dojo by an oasis in the north of the Shacklack Desert. This dojo would train the next generation of gish knights.

784BCE: Tereman passed away and Galandir became the sole master of the gish dojo.

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