The First Vampire of Cimmeria Part 4

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The blue dragon menace had returned to Cimmeria, but there was a silver lining; Tracy had returned as well. The magic tying her return to the breaking of the Blue Orb also controlled the location of her return. Tracy reappeared next to the people most likely to help her fight the blue dragons. Those best suited for reimprisoning Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv were the Gish Trio, Galandir, Tereman, and Blendegad.

Tracy cheerfully introduced herself to the Gish Trio and the four agreed to a partnership in their mutual goals of ending the threat of the githyanki and the blue dragons. Galandir, Tereman, and Blendegad were accomplished warriors and magicians. Additionally, they had the most experience out of anyone in fighting the githyanki. Tracy was a trickster thief of legend and could call on the resources of Nomingburg and Crafterton to help their struggle.

Meanwhile, Bavastatner met with the Lich-queen’s astral projection. In return for securing his freedom, Bavastatner agreed to provide the githyanki with the assistance of his offspring. The blue dragons would serve as mounts for the githyanki and a few eggs were given to the Lich-queen to be raised in the Astral Plane as eternal servants to the Lich-queen and her people. The pair swore an oath of mutual protection on the River Styx. As immortals, an oath on the River Styx was binding for to break such an oath was to end their immortality.

Bavastatner was not one to be bound by oaths. As soon as he swore the oath he began looking for a way out of it. While his descendants assisted the githyanki he buried himself in magical research of Tartarus, the Underworld, and the River Styx. If there was an escape from his obligations to the Lich-queen he was sure to find it.

With their alliance secured, the githyanki used their astral portal magic to invade all over Cimmeria. The adlishar and sarath targeted particularly strong individuals for capture and consumption by the Lich-queen. This loss of the region’s best crippled Cimmeria’s ability to respond to the invasion. With the talented defenders out of the way the githyanki soldiers moved in to enslave locations rich in resources. Tracy and the Gish Trio kept Shalerton, Crafterton, and Nomingburg safe using magical alarms to warn them before any astral portals opened.

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