The First Vampire of Cimmeria Part 3

Harssafs look like sand demon people

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The Blue Dragon Cult had gotten closer and closer to the Blue Dragon Orb in the years since it was sealed away. They knew it was in the Shacklack Desert. They even knew which region of the desert, but that region belonged to the harssaf people who violently repelled any intrusion.

The githyanki provided the power the Blue Dragon Cult needed to reach the Orb’s resting place. The Lich-queen sent her best troops, the sarath, to assist in the Blue Dragon Orb’s extraction. They cut through the harssaf warriors with ease and reached the dungeon containing the Orb. Powerful magical defenses prevented the sarath from safely penetrating the dungeon. Rather than risk their own lives, the sarath sent members of the Blue Dragon Cult ahead to their grisly deaths. With this trial and error method the githyanki reached the inner sanctum of the dungeon. There the sarath defeated the plant and golem defenders placed by Bigby and Tentineh. With that, only one barrier stood between the villains and the Dragon Orb, Bavastatner, the blue dragon patriarch set by Tentineh to guard the Blue Orb.

Bavastatner tore through the githyanki sarath, killing many and forcing the others to retreat. They reported their failure to the Lich-queen. She sent one of her most powerful servants, an adlishar, to capture the Blue Orb. The adlishar entered the minds of the surviving sarath to study their battle with Bavastatner. He determined that the dragon was beyond his ability to defeat. Instead of fighting it, the adlishar stole the Orb and teleported away. The Orb would not be safe for long though. Bavastatner had a powerful connection to the Orb’s magic and could sense its location. The githyanki and the Blue Dragon Cult would have to act fast in their plan to destroy the Blue Orb.

Conventional methods failed to even crack the Blue Dragon Orb. The villains needed to search for a special method to destroy the Orb. The adlishar knew that Tentineh made the Orbs and that the wizard’s knowledge was stored in Greshendale. The adlishar broke into Tentineh’s protected library and stole the secret of destroying a Dragon Orb. Dragon Orbs have the power to control the type of dragon imprisoned by them. The only method to destroy an Orb is to use it to control a dragon and then order that dragon to destroy the Orb.

As Bavastatner closed in on the Orb’s location again, the adlishar teleported away with the Orb to the location of a young blue dragon. Bavastatner followed. The adlishar dominated the young dragon’s mind and ordered it to destroy the Orb. Bavastatner prepared to unleash his devastating electric breath and then stopped as he was freed from the mental prison forcing him to kill those who would release him. The young blue dragon had destroyed the Blue Dragon Orb, freeing Renvesharhialisv and Bavastatner, as well as Tracy the halfling Hero of the Dragon War. Dragons once again threatened Cimmeria.

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