The Rise of Shaelin

Shaelin vs Kenderax

King Cogard of the Dwarves arrived at the temporary capital of Dalleer in 983BCE. In 982BCE, he left to build a new capital for himself. He took most of the dwarven populace of Dalleer with him. Those left behind were ruled by Lord Shaelin, an honorable dwarf paladin.

Shaelin vowed to resist the dragons when they took flight to conquer Cimmeria. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long before King Cogard ordered him to surrender. Shaelin complied, choosing his oath to his king over the oath to resist the dragons.

King Cogard and Queen Pristanon had quadruplet sons that they sent to be tutored with prominent dwarven noble families. Shaelin accepted Prince Yentbern as his ward. Dalleer had become a multi-racial melting pot and Yentbern was raised to respect the other races. The immigration of the dwarves from Dalleer to Jord gave plenty of opportunity for halflings, humans, and elves to step in and work together for the improvement of Dalleer. When his wardship was completed, Yentbern had a healthy respect for hardwork, not matter who supplied it.

With his duty to his king completed, Lord Shaelin asked to be released from his liege’s service. Shocked, but appreciative for what Shaelin had done, King Cogard granted the request. Shaelin passed over his son and named Bjorn, a respectable and qualified friend of his, as his successor.

With the leadership of Dalleer taken care of, Shaelin began working on fulfilling the vow he had ignored decades ago. He would kill Kenderax and reclaim Fangaroot for the dwarves. Shaelin asked all like-minded people of Dalleer to go with him to Fangaroot and slay the evil dragon that had cast them out of their home generations before. Many dwarves went with Shaelin along with a few of the other races that had settled in Dalleer.

Shaelin’s mission was half-successful. With the warband’s help Shaelin succeeded in killing Kenderax, but the kobolds were too numerous to remove from the city. Additionally, Kenderax slew Shaelin in the fighting. Shaelin’s army retreated, unable to reclaim their commander’s body.

The Battle to Reclaim Fangaroot was one of the inciting incidents for the Dragon War.

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