Desires for Dwarven Schism

Next up in my writing about Cimmeria is to describe what the dwarves were up to and what led to the schism between the four dwarven subraces.

First up, what have I already written about the dwarves in Cimmeria?

King Karnafaust left the Conclave – 1102BCE
Founded Fangaroot – 1101BCE
War with Conclave – 1097BCE
War ended with single combat between Karnafaust and Drolofo. Drolofo won. – 1092BCE
Resurrection Pact with Hades made and Karnafaust returned to life – 1091BCE
Cooperation with the Conclave in war with Goblins- 1087BCE to 1084BCE
Karnafaust killed by Kinderax. Fangaroot abandoned. – 1046BCE

My plan was that after the Dragon War there would be a king named Cogard. I already wrote that part in with Toffoun’s After the Dragon War post.

Toffoun makes the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords for King Cogard, an item I copied over from the basic Greyhawk D&D setting to my campaign.

King Cogard’s death would lead to the loss of the Fierce Axe and a succession crisis between his four sons. This crisis would result in the Dwarven Schism.

But that’s after the Dragon War. I’ve got over 150 years of history inbetween that point. I need a bad king before Cogard takes the throne.

After some thought, I think I’d rather have a regency between Karnafaust and Cogard.

King Karnafaust died during the burning of Fangaroot. His legitimate heirs all died in the dragon attack as well.

Karnafaust’s nephew was born as the homeless dwarven population went downriver. Until this boy came of age, an ineffective council ruled.

The council focused more on infighting than revitalizing the dwarven people. Many dwarves left and spread across Cimmeria. They settled in the Dalleer region, around Jipangu, in the Dominarie Mountains, around Jord, in the Terror Mountains, and in the Underdark.

I also need to have Jord founded at some point. I referenced Jord in Jovy’s story a few times, so the city needs to exist by the time Jovy goes to it.

Finally, Cogard needs to come of age and replace the council. He needs to unify the disparate dwarven people in some way and work with Toffoun against the dragons.

After that Cogard runs into the problem of ruling a balkanized nation without a clear common enemy.

Cogard will use his sons to instill order in different regions of the Dwarven nation. His sons will embrace the factionalism and build their own regional factions.

Cogard dies suddenly without leaving a successor. The heir isn’t clear. I planned on four sons fighting for the throne, so maybe they are quadruplets.

Civil war and the Dwarven Schism after that.

So that’s the rough draft. I’ll fill it out as I write the Timeline posts.


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