After the Dragon War: Toffoun and Amalgami

Toffoun was 77 and still in the prime of his life when the Dragon War ended. Toffoun’s people called for him to take up the crown of the High King of the Dwarves; however, Toffoun remember his duty and gave his support to Cogard, the rightful heir of Karnafaust. Toffoun’s accomplishments and loyalty earned him a council seat in the new Dwarven High King’s court.

Toffoun served as a military advisor and smith to the High King. During his tenure he assisted King Cogard in many wars against the denizens of the Terror Mountains and the Underdark. Wishing to provide Cogard an extra edge in the wars beneath the surface of the earth, Toffoun forged his king a weapon without peer. He poured all the knowledge and history of dwarven warfare into an ax blade. He named his creation the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords.

King Cogard used the Axe to claim a vast swath of underground territory, but guarded the weapon jealously. Before Cogard died he hid the weapon, saying that whichever of his four sons found the Axe would be his rightful heir. This decision split the dwarven clans into four groups as the Axe was not found for many centuries after Cogard’s death.

Toffoun was saddened by the civil wars that split his race in fourths. He attempted to foster unity between the sons of Cogard, he was not successful. His wife had passed on before him and all of his children were grown. Feeling that his time on Gaia was coming to a close, Toffoun accepted his fate and went into hibernation with the other Heroes of the Dragon War.

During the early years of Cogard’s reign, Amalgami and Jovy joined Toffoun at court. The two humans integrated themselves quite well into dwarven culture. Jovy capitalized on his celebrity status to score many free drinks at dwarven bars. He made many friends and enemies. Amalgami was more restrained. He assisted the other Heroes of the Dragon War in designing and building the dungeons that would house the Orbs of Dragonkind. He split his time between the Dwarven Royal Court and the construction sites of the various protective dungeons.

Once the dungeons were completed, Amalgami said his farewells to his friends. Before going into hibernation he stopped in Phoenix and met his grown child for the first time. The son of Queen Stasia had become a master of the Merchants Guild in Phoenix. The son had been told that Amalgami was his father and the Dragon War Hero confirmed the tale. Sadly, the meeting was not everything Amalgami had hoped. He left for his hibernation feeling that perhaps he had made the wrong choices in his life.

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