After the Dragon War: Danar and Tentineh

Danar lived on after the end of the Dragon War, doing many good deeds. He was 63 but as a draconic descendant he had not aged. He assisted with the construction of the defenses for the Orbs of Dragonkind before returning to Sheerzen to rule his reclaimed kingdom. Danar married more than once, becoming a polygamous king. He ruled well for twenty years, establishing a just society for his people as he had before in the swamp that bears his name. The same system of succession for his progeny. There could be only one heir. All others must be sterilized or executed.

After twenty years of rule, Tentineh came to Danar. The old wizard was entering his slumber and asked Danar to join him. Danar got his affairs in order then entered suspended animation with the other Heroes of the Dragon War. He would only be reawakened by the destruction of the Red Dragon Orb.

Tentineh was 62 at the conclusion of the Dragon War. Nearly the same age as Danar, but without the youthful vigor that came with the other man’s dragon blood. Tentineh labored for years to create defenses for the Dragon Orbs. He decided that his own personal dungeon would be a place of learning and knowledge, something sorely lacking in Cimmeria’s shattered lands after the Dragon War.

Tentineh was the architect of the Orbs and he became the architect of their protections as well. He worked with the other Heroes to build permanent defenses for half the Orbs and designed his own superstructure to defend the other half. The fabrication of this massive construct required more magical ability than Tentineh nor any of the other Heroes possessed. Tentineh turned to dark whispers and ancient secrets to gain the necessary mana for his vision. He freed one of the ancient monsters of the world from its imprisonment.

The Dahak was one of the first monsters. A being of bone, exposed muscle, and flame, it took on a self-appointed role of preserving the timeline against perversions. The Dahak was particularly obsessed with the cycle of father losing power to son. This was the same cycle that Zeus had disrupted by devouring Metis. The Dahak attacked Zeus during the Olympian’s dalliance with a mortal woman. Zeus struck the Dahak down with a thunderbolt and covered him with a mountain. The Dahak raged beneath the mountain just as Typhon did beneath his. His rage turned to fire and the mountain became a volcano. This same volcano towered over the Greshen Valley that Tentineh grew up in.

Tentineh sought the Dahak’s help in completing his legacy. His research revealed a key to the Dahak’s prison. In gratitude the Dahak promised to aid Tentineh in his endeavors. The two worked in concert to create a floating city. A gigantic edifice spanning for miles built on the upturned bottom of the Dahak’s volcano and four other lava-filled mountains. An enormous amount of power was required to keep the city afloat. Tentineh manufactured over a dozen artifacts with untold powers and connected them to the volcano quintet. Additionally, the Dahak bound omnielementals to the volcanoes. A minor version of the elemental planes swirled and formed between the lava tubes. Furthermore, Tentineh used the Orbs of Dragonkind themselves to power the city. Still more power was needed so Tentineh ripped the raw life from the Greshen Valley and poured it into the floating city. This greedy act created Spheres of Annihilation throughout the Valley. These black holes roamed the land, erasing everything they touched.

In the end the city was completed, a new version of Greshendale that would serve as a home for the displaced people of Greshen Valley and as a vault for the Orbs of Dragonkind. Tentineh moved all the people of Greshendale into the city and invited all others who wished to dwell in the sky to join them.

The labor of construction took all of Tentineh’s energy. Severely drained, he began planning his eternal slumber to protect the Orbs. Governmental power in Greshendale was turned over to a council of mages. Tentineh ensured that the remaining Heroes of the Dragon War would enter temporal stasis and then he closed his eyes to the world until the Orbs were broken.


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