After the Dragon War: Shratalanda

Shratalanda was a mystery to the people of Cimmeria. No one knew how old Shratalanda was at the end of the Dragon War. She had emerged from nowhere to orchestrate the rebellion against the dragons’ rule. She was part of no community and had no family. Many suspected she was a god, one of the Fates, sent to walk the Earth and ensure that the proper events occurred. Others thought her simply an elf with the natural talent needed for psionic magic.

After the Dragon War Shratalanda coordinated with the other Heroes to create protections around the Orbs of Dragonkind. Hidden within the Aractrashan Jungle she designed and built a dungeon filled with psionic monsters, traps, and riddles. At the end she placed the Brass Orb of Dragonkind entrusted to her care. Shratalanda aided the construction of the other Dragon Orb dungeons as well, providing her insight, knowledge, and raw magical energy to speed the construction.

Once Shratalanda completed her work on the dungeons she retired to live in the barren Shacklack Desert. Her appetite for building large underground fortresses was not yet sated. The elvish psion set her hand to making a castle that extended beneath the sands as well as above it. Once finished she sent out a telepathic call to all the psions of Cimmeria telling them to come to her castle for training in the craft of psionic magic.

Shratalanda’s Psionic School was a success. Students from across Cimmeria were drawn to her school. She taught them all the disciplines of psionic magic. How to manipulate and create matter. How to modify one’s own body. How to slip into another’s mind and make it your own. How to command the elements themselves. Dozens of powerful psions mastered their talent under Shratalanda’s tutelage. To ensure the continuance of her school, Shratalanda trained her first class of students to pass on their learning to others.

When the time came for Shratalanda to enter her slumber to protect the Brass Orb, her school was ready. The Shacklack School for Psions would continue in her absence. Over the centuries the structure of the school changed. The heirarchy of teacher and student based on talent and public acclaim was replaced with a series of tests with religious-like significance to the inhabitants of the school. Shratalanda’s school remains the finest institution for psionic learning, but the castle has become a like a paper finger trap. Those who are accepted as students rarely leave willingly.


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