After the Dragon War: Jovy

Jovy was 50 years old at the conclusion of the Dragon War. Most men didn’t live to such an old age and those that did would be thinking only of resting their tired bodies. Not so for Jovy!

As a child Jovy had always dreamed of a life of luxury without responsibility and it was now within his grasp. He went with Amalgami and Toffoun to the Dwarven Kingdom, not to advise the king as the others did, but to drink and sleep around. He relieved many bearded, dwarven women of their virginities and the ire of many dwarven fathers, brothers, and husbands. Drinking contests were frequent in the dwarven lands and Jovy won all of them.

As it usually went in Jovy’s life, eventually he wore out his welcome with the dwarven people and had to move. He returned to his ship that he’d moored on the eastern coast of the Caspian. Captain Jovy was surprised to find a community had sprung up around his ship, viewing it as a sacred artifact of the Dragon War. Jovy took pleasure in their adoration and resumed his title as King of the Caspian. The town that had grown around the Mira Miro was dubbed Lordodo. King Jovy ruled over his subjects, judged their legal cases, made policy, protected them, and took tribute. The tribute was Jovy’s favorite part of the deal.

Jovy spent his leisure time as king drinking, gambling, and carousing. His ship remained ashore. The other Heroes of the Dragon War assisted in the construction of the protective dungeons for the Dragon Orbs or entered their long slumbers. Jovy did not, wishing to live out his life to the end. He had promised to protect the Orb, but promises are made to be broken.

On Jovy’s 72nd birthday party Tentineh arrived. The human wizard was even older than Jovy. Tentineh reminded his old ally of his promise and the importance of his actions to preserving peace in the future world. Jovy grudgingly accepted, as long as he got to sail the sea one last time.

Jovy pushed the Mira Miro into the Caspian and took one last pleasure cruise through Those Blast Islands. One year later on his 73rd birthday he joined Tentineh in hibernation until their respective Orbs of Dragonkind broke. Jovy left the Mira Miro docked at Lordodo where it became the administrative offices of the small kingdom he had created.

Jovy had left many offspring, but none that could truly claim to be his heir. His real successors were the captains who sailed the sea after him. In recognition of this, Lordodo was ruled by the Navigator’s Guild after Jovy left the world of the living.

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