Cimmerian Timeline Part 16

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883BCE: As word spread the people of the land rejoiced. The dragons were sealed away, hopefully never to return. Cimmerians no longer feared elemental breath raining down on them from above. People went about their lives, happy and safer than they’d ever been.
The Heroes remained concerned that one day the Orbs would be broken and the dragons would be released. Tentineh suggested that the Heroes split the Orbs among themselves and place permanent protections around them. Some of the Heroes did not have the resources to defend an Orb of Dragonkind for eternity. Tentineh volunteered to guard those unallocated Orbs along with his own. The Heroes split up and began constructing defenses around the Orbs and rebuilding their respective societies.

There’s still a whind-down after the Dragon War that has to occur. Each of the Heroes will construct their defenses and then Tentineh will also suggest the “cryo-preservation” that the Heroes go into to defend the Orbs for all time. Each Hero will live out their life as best they can before accepting their place in the “cryo-chamber.” The shorter lived races will retire first, followed by the longer lived ones, until finally the elves go to sleep. That will end the Age of the Dragon War.

Which brings me to my next point. I’ve been thinking of splitting the Cimmerian Timeline into “Ages.” The combined Cimmerian Timeline Page is getting unwieldy in size. Cutting the information up into smaller pieces will make it easier to read and understand. I’ll start that splitting work soon.

Going forward with the denouement of the Dragon War, I’m going to focus on each character for Timeline posts and detail what happens to that character before they retire. I’ll add that information to the character’s bio page and the timeline page as I go.


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