Cimmerian Timeline Part 15

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887BCE: Eathirilu and Davonisi patched up their differences and worked together to re-energize the dragon-allied elves. While he and many others feared the war was already lost, they were not prepared to surrender just yet. With the new army formed, Eathirilu awaited the command of the dragons.

886BCE: The remaining dragon patriarchs gathered with their armies in Apollo’s Plains. The red dragons, Invernix and Sartoria; the green dragons, Cordax and Hashterainon; the gold dragons, Agohimano and Hontalawi; and the bronze dragon, Langudina. Rilopenaril the traitor did not join his brethren. Giants, ogres, humans, and elves made up the dragons’ armies.
The draconic forces marched eastward and burnt everything as they went. No settlement, no person, no blade of grass escaped the wrath of the dragons. Directly in their path was the old seat of the Conclave, Phoenix.

885BCE: Finally realizing the evil of those he served, Eathirilu left the dragon’s army. Many humans and elves left alongside him. Most were too ashamed of their previous actions to join with the Heroes of the Dragon War. Eathirilu swallowed his pride and went to the Heroes of the Dragon War. Shratalanda and Tentineh had faith in Eathirilu. They convinced the others to accept Eathirilu’s assistance for the final battle.

884BCE: The Heroes of the Dragon War assembled with all their might west of Phoenix. They wielded the six Orbs of Dragonkind and all the dragons they could command with the powerful magic contained within the Orbs. The two sides clashed and fought for days. In the end the Heroes were victorious. The red, green and gold dragons were imprisoned within their respective Orbs. Invernix guarded the Orb containing Sartoria, Agohimano guarded the Orb containing Hontalawi, and Cordax guarded the Orb containing Hashterainon.
Langudina fled the battle into the Western Terror Mountains. The Heroes chased her down. Rilopenaril restrained his own sister as the Heroes bound her within the last Orb of Dragonkind. With all of the dragon patriarchs defeated, the Dragon War was over.


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