Cimmerian Timeline Part 14

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893BCE: Eathirilu led the dragon-allied elves of the Dry Woods in a raid against Bigby’s encampment. The raid proved an amazing success. Bigby himself was captured along with the Copper Orb of Dragonkind. Eathirilu ensured that no messages left the Dry Woods before beginning preparations for an attack on Phoenix.
Knowing that he needed additional assistance, Eathirilu called upon the dark fey of the forest. Davonisi, the druidic leader of the hostile Unseelie faeries, answered Eathirilu’s call. She joined his march through the countryside towards Phoenix. Davonisi’s fey scouted ahead and committed unspeakable atrocities against every mortal they encountered on the way. None were left alive to bring word of the army’s approach to Phoenix. Eathirilu was unsettled by Davonisi’s actions and began to wonder which side was truly just in the Dragon War.

892BCE: Eathirilu and Davonisi’s forces approached Phoenix, but were surprised to find the city well-defended. Their opponents had been forewarned. Eathirilu felt that the attack should be called off while Davonisi was vehement that they continue. The two argued and came to blows. Davonisi defeated Eathirilu in single combat and took command of the army. They assaulted Phoenix, but the defenses of the Heroes proved more than adequate. Davonisi’s forces were crushed, the Copper Orb of Dragonkind was recovered, and Bigby was freed from captivity. Davonisi and Eathirilu escaped to fight another day.
Phoenix had successfully prepared itself due to a secret feature of the Dragon Orbs. The Orbs could be used to communicate with anyone else who held one. Before his capture, Bigby had used the Copper Orb to warn the other Heroes of the Dragon War. The Heroes then had ample time to organize the defense of Phoenix.

891BCE: Invigorated by their success at Phoenix the Heroes of the Dragon War moved upon Bavastatner’s kingdom in the Shacklack Desert. Bavastatner’s children were the fiercest of all the dragons, trained to fight from their previous conflicts with the Heroes and Gorwinua’s orkin army. Surviving in the desert proved a challenge as well. Despite these impediments the Heroes managed to pierce Bavastatner’s defenses. They imprisoned his wife Renveshalhiarisv inside the Blue Dragon Orb and set Bavastatner to guard it.
As the Heroes of the Dragon War were celebrating their victory, a flight of silver dragons came down from the north. Before his capture Bavastatner had called for reinforcements from the Silver Patriarch twins, Jimarohzaj and Falorn. Surprisingly, an armored humanoid rode the back of Jimarohzaj. The Heroes were unprepared for this sudden attack. The silver dragons inflicted heavy casualties on the mortal army. Grief-stricken, Tracy the halfling took the Blue Orb and ordered Bavastatner to defend the victims of the silver dragon attack. Bavastatner silently took to the air and ruthlessly slaughtered the silver dragons. Seeing that they could no longer win, the Dragon Rider lifted his spear into the air and the silver dragons retreated.

890BCE:  The armies of the Heroes were decimated after their capture of Bavastatner. They took some time to regroup, recruit, and resupply. The silver dragons took no such break. The Dragon Rider led the silver dragons to attack settlements all across Cimmeria. Freezing breath rained down everywhere. No one was safe.

889BCE: The people of Cimmeria blamed the Heroes of the Dragon War for the Dragon Rider’s attacks. If the Heroes had not disobeyed the dragon’s laws, then no one would be punished. Tentineh called the Heroes together and organized their response. The next time the Dragon Rider attacked a village, the Heroes were ready. They attempted to capture or kill the Dragon Rider, Jimarohzaj, and Falorn, but the powerful trio escaped. Attacks on unprotected villages continued, but with reduced frequency.

888BCE: The Heroes of the Dragon War recognized that the only way to end the silver dragon attacks was to bind Jimarohzaj and Falorn. Fully recovered from their battle with Bavastatner they prepared to intercept the next silver dragon raid. The flight of dragons was ambushed. Falorn was imprisoned within the Silver Orb and Jimarohzaj was set to guard him. The Dragon Rider fell from the sky, but landed on the back of a young silver dragon. With his patriarchs defeated, the unnamed warrior fled into the Dominarie Mountains with the remnants of the silver dragon flight.


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