Cimmerian Timeline Part 13

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897BCE: The dragons led their combined armies to attack Sheerzen. They were constantly outflanked on their journey there. The Heroes always seemed to be one step ahead of the dragon-led army. Unknown to the dragons, this was due to the power of the Orbs. Anyone holding an Orb could detect the movement of nearby dragons, allowing perfect scouting of the draconic forces. The thrust towards Sheerzen was outmaneuvered and defeated.

896BCE: Rising tensions due to the Dragon War caused a civil war among the elves of the Dry Woods. One elven group felt that draconian leadership brought them further away from their wild independence. The other group of elves felt their deep connection to nature could only be preserved by allying themselves with dragons, the pinnacle of natural existence. The freedom-loving elves were led by Bigby. Cordax and Hashterainon, nominally led the dragon-allied elves, but the green dragon monarchs were often occupied elsewhere during the Dragon War. In their place, Eathirilu fought against Bigby’s forces.

895BCE: All the dragon monarchs, excluding Rilopenaril, held a council to discuss their options in the war. All the fronts were losing save Bavastatner in the east where orcs died by the hundreds. The other dragon patriarchs were afraid to send their offspring into battle, fearing for the death of their children. Bavastatner had no such fears. He trained his children to attack columns of soldiers, how to route out hidden settlements, and how to strike fear into the hearts of mortals. Bavastatner was winning in the east because in the east every dragon fought for themselves instead of recruiting weak mortals to do their fighting for them. Realizing their error the other dragon monarchs returned to their respective realms and began training their children for war.

894BCE: The Heroes of the Dragon War launched an assault on the lair of the copper dragon patriarchs Thaitonzao and Blathorwa. The draconic pair had prepared by calling their children in to defend their stronghold, but they were not ready for the forces the Heroes had amassed. The Heroes used the Orbs of Dragonkind to control dragons of matching color. White, black, and brass dragons descended upon the copper dragons and both sides died by the dozens. Of the Heroes, only Danar and Shratalanda felt guilty for using the dragons in this way. The rest felt the evil of the dragons deserved any punishment. Blathorwa was imprisoned inside the Copper Orb and the Heroes set Thaitonzao to guard her.


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