Cimmeria Progress Update

I’ve taken a break from writing over the past month and a half. Not a break from the blog though. I’ve been working on interlinking between all the pages I have for Cimmeria content. Now if you’re on the Bradel Fields page the first mention of Astyanax‘s name has a link to the Astyanax page. Through that, most of the pages are linked to others just like on Wikipedia. This should hopefully provide a more seamless browsing experience compared to using the menus to find more information on a particular character or place.

I’ve also started the campaign log editing I mentioned in October’s blog update. The first post is out, the second one should be coming in two weeks, and they should speed up going into May.

The Locations of Cimmeria section is almost complete. There’s only a few left and of course I’ve saved the most complicated for last. I should be wrapping those up in April, but they probably won’t post until June or July.

Finally, I have the podcast updates! I’ve recorded episodes to release into June, but I need to edit those as well. I’ll start contacting people for interviews again in May. I’m also likely nearing the end of DMs I can interview based off the first survey round. I plan on making fliers to post around my own town and hopefully other previous guests can put a flier up at their local game shops as well. I can also repost on Reddit to see if there’s more attention I can gain that way.

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