Blog News Update

You might’ve noticed that the blog posts are coming every Monday and Friday now. I’ve been writing a ton lately and have been able to produce a lot more than I have in the past. All D&D stuff on Cimmeria obviously.

I started doing more by changing my writing strategy. I’ve got the WordPress app on my smartphone, but previously I just used it to do very small changes to the administrative parts of the website. For the past few months I’ve been using the app much more often for actual writing. That way I don’t have to sit down at my computer and write, write, write for an hour. Instead, I can write a single sentence while brushing my teeth in the morning, another one while I’m walking from my car into work, etc.

I’ve actually written quite a bit more than just two blog posts per week. At the moment I have a backlog of stuff I’ve already written that goes out to the beginning of March. Five months of two posts a week! That’s not including all the other changes I’ve made in how the blog looks and how the menus and pages are connected.

What you’ll be seeing in the next few months is the completion of the historical Characters of Cimmeria section. There are still Characters of Cimmeria left to write for the Xorian Wars Era, but I plan on updating those as they come up in the campaign log.

The campaign log is a project I wanted to get to a long time back. The events of one of my D&D campaigns was serialized in text by me on the Order of the Stick forums. One of my longterm plans was to eventually edit those forum posts and publish them here on the site. I have now started that process with the first session post coming out at the end of February. Those posts will be accompanied by Characters of Cimmeria posts on the significant characters showing up in the sessions.

I’ve also started work on the Locations of Cimmeria posts, which should finish out the current separations of Cimmeria content. One odd thing there that I’ve noticed is what separates Cities of Cimmeria from Locations of Cimmeria. Is Bradel Fields a city after its destruction? Do Harbinston and Shalemstead count as cities or locations? If Harbinston is a city, then why isn’t Riverton?

My current decision on that point is that I’ve already put them into different boxes. The borderline differences aren’t really important to me, so I’ll just be moving forward with where they are now, even if it doesn’t have the best consistency on where things are grouped.

I’ve also now written so much about Cimmeria that I’m considering organizing and adding to the material to make it into more of a published campaign setting. I’m unsure what model that would take at this point. Once I have a barebones PDF put together I’ll look into doing a Kickstarter for additional funding for art, color, and a printing run. If nothing else, I can at least put the black and white PDF up on DriveThroughRPG and introduce myself as “Isaac Shaker, published author” at parties.

For other projects I have in the works, I am also putting together a podcast on different campaign settings for D&D and other RPGs. I’ll be posting more about that soon with Wednesdays being the release days for the podcast content/updates.


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